Considering the urgency of their service, many people do not take the time or have the patience to do their vetting before choosing the right residential locksmith service. This can be disastrous, as the locksmith can take advantage of your urgency and quote a higher price or do a sub-par job.

Here are some common mistakes people make in their urgency to get access to their home or complete a job requiring a locksmith.

Not checking the locksmith’s reputation-

Just as your doctor and other professionals have a reputation to maintain, a locksmith needs to maintain a reputation. This could be making sure he doesn’t entertain calls which could lead to theft or overcharging his customers. You could check the locksmith’s reputation on Google through the various reviews available there.

Not checking the price-

Most of you do not need to hire locksmiths regularly. Many of you might not know how much they usually charge. Considering the urgency of the situation, many people ask how much it would cost and pay if they think the costs are worth it. Instead of blindly trusting your locksmith, you should inquire with other locksmiths and ask them the prices before agreeing on the price your locksmith quotes.

Not checking the locksmith’s business license-

All genuine practicing locksmiths would have their own locksmith business license. Though the requirements for the same vary from State to State, a valid business license would instill a lot of trust in the locksmith services you’re planning to hire.

Not asking for insurance or warranty-

Though your locksmith may be highly skilled, you never know what could go wrong, thespecially if the task is highly technical or dangerous. In case of any accident, your locksmith’s insurance would cover the cost. Do ask him if the locksmith is insured before assigning him any task.

Not doing proper research-

Not all locksmiths do all forms of rekeying, installing, or gaining access to locks. Some do not work with automotive locks, while others may not have the expertise or tools to pick antique locks. Before you hire anyone for your key duplication service, ask them what kinds of work they’ve done and what they don’t do, so that you know what you’ll get.

Not inquiring about the experience-

Before calling your locksmith over, ask him if he’s done any task like this before. This would give you an idea of the locksmith’s experience so that you could trust him to get the job done on time.

Not choosing the right locksmith service-

Don’t just blindly call the first locksmith from the search results. Check his website and his reviews and if possible, call his previous clients to know how well he did his previous work. Ask him questions about his work, if you’re satisfied, only then should you assign him the task.

In the end

Locksmith service is somewhat like a doctor’s- you’ve got to do some homework before you call them over. Most people trust them blindly, many poorly-skilled people take undue advantage of this and overcharge customers for their locksmith services.

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