Lost your bike key? What to do? Oops, not again! Now comes the challenge of searching for the lost key. While you go on with your task of searching for the misplaced key, we’ll tell you a solution. Soon after you find the key, make its copy. It’s better than losing your keys and running to the locksmith for a key replacement service.

If you haven’t got the key even after searching for it everywhere, you can still go to your local locksmith for a key duplication service!   

Can you duplicate bike lock keys?

This is the foremost question you have on your mind when you lose your bike keys, isn’t it? Yes, your motorcycle locksmith service provider does that for you. But again, like we said, why wait until you lose a key? Make its copy as a preventive measure so that you can save some time and money when you actually lose or misplace the original.   

Can a locksmith make a motorcycle key?

Yes, in fact, a locksmith is the one who makes the key for your bike lock when you lose or misplace your keys. You can go to the motorcycle dealer and share the vehicle VIN to order a duplicate key. But it takes time and costs you more than a professional locksmith service. So, why not hire the service of your trusted locksmith instead of opting to get it done at a higher rate at the dealership store?

How to make a duplicate bike key?

Strictly no DIY methods here! It’s not easy to make a bike key copy. Only a professional locksmith can do this for you. Let’s check the different methods of making a duplicate bike key.

1. Cutting the key

When you still have the original key, you can make its copy as a preventive measure. Hand over the original key to your locksmith. They use a tool called a key duplicator. The original key is placed on the tool along with a blank key. When the key duplicator is turned on, both keys move horizontally across the machine. A blade in the tool cuts into the blank key, using the original key as a template. Next, the locksmith files the duplicate key for a smooth finish and the final touch.

2. Using the bike key’s code

Your bike key comes with a code printed on the key or on the metal tab attached to it. If you have this number, you can share it with the dealer to get a new key. Some of the locksmiths will also be able to offer a key duplication service with this key number.

Can you make a duplicate bike key without the original?

Fortunately, the answer is ‘Yes’. There are many who lose or misplace their bike key and don’t find it again. Some of them buy a bike without the key as they get it for cheap. But you are still not out of options when your bike has no key. Let’s see some ways to make a duplicate bike key without the original.

1. Using the ignition cylinder code

The ignition cylinder in a bike is located between the speedometer and the tachometer. It has a shaft to insert the key and turn it on to start the bike. Once you have located the ignition cylinder, you have a small task at hand. Pull out the shaft a little bit to find the ignition cylinder code. It may be 4 digits or longer. Now, copy this code and show it to a locksmith. They have a code reference table to help them make the duplicate bike key.

Before going, confirm if your locksmith is able to provide a key duplication service with this code.

If you are not able to pull out the shaft or locate the code, your locksmith will help. Some professional locksmith services include paying a visit to your home to note down the ignition cylinder code.           

2. Taking in the ignition cylinder

If the shaft of the ignition cylinder has no code on it or it is unrecognizable, you’ll have to get a new key made. For this, you’ve to detach the ignition cylinder from the motorcycle and take it to your locksmith. But again, verify if the locksmith provides the key duplication service using the ignition cylinder. It is a little more expensive than making a new key with the code.

The locksmith has to take the impression of the lock in the ignition cylinder. They insert and turn a blank key into the cylinder lock. This will bind the pins inside the lock, marking where the locksmith needs to cut and file the new key.

Once you get the new key, simply attach the ignition cylinder back onto the bike and you’re ready to go!

3. Replacing the ignition cylinder

If you have a problem finding the right locksmith who can make a key from the ignition cylinder lock, your option is to replace the bike’s ignition cylinder. You can source it online. But make sure you get the year, make, and model right so that the new ignition cylinder is compatible with your bike. Of course, you get universal ignition cylinders, but getting a specific one would be great. The new ignition cylinder comes with a new key.

And of course, buying a new ignition cylinder is costlier than hiring a professional locksmith service to get a new key made.

4. Providing VIN at the dealership store

When all the above options are exhausted, the last thing you can do is provide your motorcycle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to the dealer. This number is usually on the steering neck under the instrument panel of the motorcycle. Along with VIN, you need to provide proof of ownership of the motorcycle to the dealership store. They will give you a new key or replace the ignition cylinder that comes with a new key.

But this is the most expensive of all the options mentioned here. This is the precise reason why we mentioned at the start of the blog that it is wiser to make a copy of your motorcycle key before you lose it!

Wrapping up

Now you know what to do if you have lost your bike key. Opt for a motorcycle locksmith service if you can access the ignition cylinder code or take the whole ignition cylinder to get a new key cut for the cylinder lock. Replacing the ignition cylinder or going to the dealership with the VIN should always be the last resort when everything else fails.

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