There are many reasons why you may need to duplicate a car key. Having a spare saves a lot of hassle if you misplace or lose your key. Car key duplication is the solution and it always helps having a spare in hand.

If you have a traditional lock and key you are lucky. Making a duplicate for this is simple. You can get it copied for a few bucks at your local locksmith services in Phoenix. The locksmith passes a standard key blank through a key-cutting machine. A key similar to the original is prepared in a few minutes.

If you have a modern car key, we tell you, it isn’t easy. Modern car keys have transponder chips inside them programmed to sync with their specific vehicle. They look like standard keys but are placed in key fobs that work wirelessly. You may need professional car locksmith services to get this type of key made.

How to decide the car key duplication cost?

There is no fixed price for car key duplication. A variety of factors come into play when deciding its cost.

1. Where you opt to make the duplicates

It will be cheap if you opt to go to a hardware store. But they do not have a large inventory and selection of key blanks. Going to your local locksmith will help. They are skilled in car key duplication. There is another option of going to a car dealer. But it works out to be costlier than a locksmith. So, inquire about the costs before deciding on the best pick.

2. Locksmith visits

The locksmith charges vary from place to place. It is usually cheaper in small towns than in big cities. The locksmiths charge more for an emergency or after-office hours visit. But locksmiths coming to your location is definitely cheaper than you going to a car dealer.

3. Type of car key

The make and model of your car also influence the car key duplication costs. It determines the type of key blank you need which might be more than the average cost. Standard car keys have no added feature and are the easiest to copy. Also, replacement parts are readily available for making duplicates. They have the lowest car key duplication costs. However, modern car keys come with key fobs, transponder chips, remote sensors, laser-cut keys, switchblade keys, and so on. The additional features mean duplicating it is a bit of a challenge as well as extra costs

4. Duplication techniques used

As we have mentioned earlier, it’s easy to cut keys for traditional models. But newer keys mean advanced machines to cut keys. For instance, a transponder key requires hardware and software to make duplicate keys. It requires car key fob programming for the car to unlock. Once you cut the key by code, you have to hand over your vehicle to the car locksmith services. The locksmith accesses your car’s onboard diagnostic port and uses tools to access its software. These techniques take time for authentication. They find out the code your vehicle’s receiver is looking for. This code is then copied to a blank un-programmed key.
And again if it is a remote location transponder key programming, it requires some amount of mechanical key manipulation to be done inside the vehicle. Have a talk with the local locksmith services in Phoenix or your area to know about car key reprogramming when making a duplicate key for your car.

How much does it cost to duplicate a car key?

Now that we have outlined the factors that decide the car key duplication cost, let’s get into the actual numbers.

1. If you need to duplicate a traditional key, it will cost you between $1.5 and $5. Again, the type of key blanks needed
has to be considered. And remember, car locksmith services have a wide array of key blanks than your local hardware

2. If your key is a high-security key with a “Do not duplicate” stamp, our locksmith will make a key for about $10-$20.

3. The cost of duplicating car keys with transponder chips or fobs starts at $120. But this is the basic model cost.
Depending on the make of your car and the technicalities involved, the prices can go as high as $450. The same may cost
you 10-20% more if you get it done from a car dealer.

How much does it cost to replace a car key without the original?

All the while, we were talking about car key duplication using the spare key. But what if you misplace the original and have no spare? The spare key is always placed somewhere inside the drawer or cupboard and is long forgotten. And when you misplace or lose the original key, the hunt for the spare one begins but to no avail. No worries.

Rekey your lock if you feel it is a safer option. You’ll get a new set of keys. But it isn’t an option when you have an advanced key. The car doesn’t unlock until you access its code. Then, our locksmith can replace the car key by VIN number technique. The locksmith pulls up the key code from the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The VIN number is on your car’s dashboard near the driver’s door. The key codes are saved on a file with the manufacturers. As long as you can prove ownership of your vehicle, we can replace the car key by a VIN number priced at around $250 depending on the specialization needed.

Wrapping Up

Here are a few takeaways about car key duplication.

  • The cost of car key duplication is determined by the type of key
  • Having a traditional key copied usually costs just a few dollars.
  • If your car key has transponder chips, the duplication costs increase.

So, while the car key duplication cost may range between $2 and $450, we can say it may cost an average of $3 for traditional keys and $250 for transponder keys.

Car key duplication is cheaper than you actually think. Car key duplication and car key fob reprogramming are all combined into one and so the costs might appear higher. When you understand the difference and your requirement, you’ll know the exact cost to duplicate your car key.

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