You might be wondering if there is any difference between a car locksmith and a door locksmith. After all, both of them unlock doors, isn’t it? That’s okay. Read this blog to know the difference between residential locksmith services and automotive locksmith services. It’ll help you clear your doubts and determine which type of service is the best for the situation you are in.

Who is a residential locksmith?

To understand the difference let’s first know who is a residential locksmith and their services. A door locksmith focuses on home security. They provide a vast range of services for home security from installation, repair, and maintenance of locks to rekeying and key duplication.

What are the types of residential locksmith services?

A door locksmith provides a wide range of residential locksmith services that include

Lock installation:

Building a home or remodeling it often requires installing locks for doors and windows. A locksmith offers advice and performs lock installation service for front doors, garage, bedroom, bathroom, all exit doors, or other areas. They even provide smart lock installation services for your home.

Lockout service:

It is a human tendency to be forgetful and sometimes you may lose or misplace your home keys. You’ll require residential locksmith services when you are locked out of your home. The locksmith helps you get back inside by unlocking the door through their skilled techniques without causing any damage to the door.

Key cutting:

A door locksmith offers key duplication services if you need a secondary key for any reason. For this, they cut the key in a machine and get it copied. A professional door locksmith can accurately duplicate a key in just a few minutes.


Rekeying is an alternative to replacing the lock. It is beneficial to landlords or new homeowners. Rekeying involves changing the lock mechanism inside so that you need a new set of keys for it to work.

Lock repair

A lock may get damaged when there is a forced intrusion or due to daily wear and tear. A locksmith provides lock repair services when it is a better alternative than replacing it with a new one.
Note that residential locksmith services are different from A commercial locksmith services. commercial locksmith provides security solutions for commercial spaces like offices and warehouses while a residential locksmith provides home security solutions.

Who is a car locksmith?

A car locksmith or an automotive locksmith is a skilled professional who provides locking system services for vehicles. There is a wide range of services they provide from car unlocking to car key replacement. They help you when you are locked out of the car. They install, repair, and maintain car security systems.

What are the types of car locksmith services?

An automotive locksmith provides locking solutions that have to do with vehicles. Their services include-

Car key replacement

Car locksmiths are skilled in car key replacement services. If you lose or break your car keys and don’t have a spare key, contact a car locksmith. They replace both traditional keys and car key fobs by cutting a new key.

Car unlock services

A car locksmith is well-versed in unlocking doors when you are locked out of the vehicle. They use various tools to open the door without causing any damage

Extracting broken keys from ignition and car door keyway

If your key gets stuck or broken midway in the keyhole, the car locksmith extracts the key residue and makes a new key for you.

Car lock repair and maintenance

Your vehicle lock may get damaged when there is a forced entry or due to wear and tear. An automotive locksmith fixes your car lock when its locking mechanism fails.

Key duplication

The car locksmith makes duplicates of car keys when you need a spare. It is always better to have a spare key to avoid being locked out of the vehicle.

Car key fob programming

A car locksmith makes a new key and reprograms it to match the car transponder frequency when you lose or misplace the car key fobs.

Smart lock installation for cars

A smart lock has advanced locking mechanisms that need the services of a skilled car locksmith. Automatic locks come in with features including keyless entry, alarm system, and proximity sensor.

What is the difference between a car locksmith and a door locksmith?

Now that we have mentioned the residential locksmith services and car locksmith services, you know the job each does. The obvious difference is that a car locksmith fixes locking systems for vehicles whereas a residential locksmith fixes doors. Other than traditional key unlocking, a car locksmith will be an expert in electronics and microchips required for car key fob reprogramming. Similarly, a door locksmith will be skilled in smart lock installation and its services.

Can a car locksmith unlock the doors of your home or can a residential locksmith unlock your car doors?

Each locksmith is skilled in their niche. So, a car locksmith will be thoroughly skilled in car unlock services. They have the tools and skills to unlock car doors. The same holds true for a residential locksmith. They are skilled in home security solutions. So, a car locksmith can try to unlock your home door but they do not have advanced skills in it. Similarly, a residential locksmith may offer to unlock your car door but they cannot reprogram a car key fob or help you with the repair of alarm systems. Hence, it is advisable to consult residential locksmith services when you are locked out of your home and car unlock services when you are locked out of your car.

How to choose the right locksmith service for you?

When it comes to selecting the right locksmith service in Phoenix, it’s necessary to know your needs. We’ll make it easy for you. Make a note of these things before you call for locksmith services.

Where’s the issue? Do you want locksmith services for your home or car?
What’s the issue? Is it unlocking, installation, replacement, or fixing?
What’s the budget? Having a budget makes it easy to get the best possible solution
Is there insurance cover? It’s useful if there is damage during repair or installation.
Where do I find a good locksmith? Always select a trusted locksmith service that has a reputation and is reliable.

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