Door handles are essential accessories without which buildings become incomplete. Did you know that there are different types of door handles each of which serves different purposes? Door hardware is a vast field with each item having multiple varieties and plastering varied applications.

Before we go through the list of different types of door knobs and levers, let’s look at the difference between these two types as a part of your door hardware guide. Though they serve the purpose of unlocking doors, they have striking differences in terms of shapes and operations. 

Door Knobs

The door knobs have a round structure through which the users go about with the opening and closing mechanism. A single door knob is suitable for both right-opening and left-opening doors.

Door knobs are more popular for their design and look when compared to their operations. As door knobs have existed for a longer period of time, there are several designs and patterns in door knobs. However, they do not give a good grip and may hurt the knuckles if the person who handles them doesn’t have enough endurance. 

These door knobs are available in different sizes and shapes. If you are more into the appearance of the interior of your buildings, you can go for door knobs. 


  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Childproof owing to the safety covers
  • Suitable for indoor doors


  • Poor Grip
  • Not an ideal option for external doors
  • Difficult to open with wet hands

Door Levers

Door levers have a horizontal handle-like structure through which the users can open or close doors. Unlike doorknobs that go along with any orientation of doors, door levers have to be chosen depending on the door’s orientation – the right handle lever for the right orientation door and vice versa.

Door Levers are your to-go option if you are looking for door hardware that doesn’t require much strength from the users. They are shaped like a lever. You can operate it by pushing the lever down or pulling it up. They can be operated easily through the hand or elbow. They are available in different styles. 

Door Levers find their application in commercial buildings and public places where people expect comfortable accessibility. Though they are not as good as door knobs in terms of design, they equate it with its accessibility. 


  • Good grip
  • Fewer chances of hurting your knuckle on the doorframe
  • Provide a modern look to the door


  • Poor design – Not suitable for older properties
  • Can easily get caught on loose clothes
  • Requires proper maintenance after some time

Types Of Door Knobs

When you start looking for handles for your door, there are higher chances that you would look for door knobs first. With door knobs having a pleasing appearance, it will automatically be your to-go option. However, did you know that there are different types of door knobs? Each type serves different purposes. To make your search easier, we have listed the different types of door knobs in this section of the article.

Dummy Door Knobs

If you are looking for a door knob for a passage door or some wardrobe, then dummy door knobs are your best option. True to its name, they do not have a latch that carries out the operation of a door knob. Rather, this has a door knob-like structure on one side or both sides using which the end users can open or close the doors. However, it operates without a lock or latch. These types of door knobs are more suitable for decorative purposes. 

Dummy door knobs have a wide variety of designs depending on your budget. You can choose the one that matches your interiors. They are the most inexpensive option for non-locking doors. 

Passage Door Knobs

The next type on our list is the passage door knob. Unlike the dummy door knob that doesn’t even have a latch, passage door knobs have a latch but without a locking mechanism. However, they are present on both sides of the door and they can rotate. They are your more suitable option when you want to have doors to areas that don’t require much privacy – it can be a hallway, kitchen, or pantry. 

Passage door knobs come in a variety of styles – as door knobs, in general, have existed for a longer period, you have more options to choose from. 

Privacy Door Knobs

When you are looking for a door knob that focuses more on privacy than on security, you should choose privacy door knobs. They are basically designed for interior doors like bathrooms, bedrooms, or any room where there is a need for privacy. The structure involves a keying mechanism from the outside and a push/turn button mechanism from the inside. The keying mechanism is for emergency purposes and the push/turn button is used normally. 

Privacy door knobs are also available in a large range of styles. Choose the one that offers maximum privacy with excellent design. 

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

The title for the most secured door knob goes to this type – keyed entry door knobs. This type of door knob is more suitable for exterior doors that are easily breakable or breachable from the outside. However, you can also use this type for areas in your home where security is required. Keyed entry door knobs have a keying mechanism on the outside and a turning mechanism on the inside. Additionally, it also has an interior emergency exit feature. 

When you are going to buy from this type, we recommend selecting the one that has more security features than other features.

Storeroom Door Knobs

If you are in search of a door knob for a storeroom that is mainly used for storage purposes and requires no access to anyone, you can go with this one on the list. However, the door remains closed and can be accessed only by a key from the outside. The door is freely accessible from the inside. The user doesn’t need any keys or push buttons. If someone is locked from the inside, they can use this free accessibility feature to unlock the door.

When you are purchasing a door knob for the storeroom, ensure that they have the highest security and quicker access.

Types Of Door Levers

If your essentials consist of strength and better dexterity from the end user’s side, you can go with the door levers. These types of door handles are easy to use and don’t catch the knuckle. Depending on your needs, we recommend you choose the best from either type. However, we have listed the types of door levers available in the market here. While door levers are further broken down based on rose or backplate, we have divided door levers depending on their end application.

Bathroom Door Handle

With bathrooms being the area where people require the highest level of privacy, it is recommended to use Lever Bathroom Door Handle here. It has a keyed entrance from the outside for emergency purposes and a turn lock mechanism from the inside. This can be normally used while using the bathroom. 

Latch Door Handle

These types of levers come with the absence of a lock. If it is enough for you to simply close the door but not lock it, you can select Lever Latch Door Handle type. It is similar to the passage door knob. They are ideal for interior purposes and areas where privacy is not required like the hallway or the kitchen.

Lock Door Handle

When you are looking for a lever-type handle for a room that requires utmost security like a store room, you can choose Lever Lock Door Handle. It comes with a latch and lock mechanism. This type of lock can be unlocked with a key and it serves the door purpose of acting as a mere passage door or a secure room depending on the need of the situation. 

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