Just as your locks may need replacement due to rust and other issues, you must replace your commercial door regularly if it shows even a little bit of damage. If you are trying to save costs by delaying this necessary expense, this could potentially be a security threat as burglars may use this vulnerable door to gain access to your premises.

Why do you need to replace your commercial doors?

There was a break-in- Crime can happen everywhere. If you get news of a break-in somewhere in your vicinity, changing your old commercial door could be a wise move. After all, criminals these days go to any lengths to gain access to your premises. If there was a break-in somewhere, there is a high probability those criminals may have checked out your premises too. To start with, call a professional locksmith and ask him to audit your locks and check for any vulnerabilities.

There’s a threat of break-in- If you’ve received a threat of a break-in from anyone- an ex-employee, a history-sheeter, or even a threatening call or email, it makes sense to take all possible precautions as early as possible. Someone may try to break in to get back at you, or you may have something precious that burglars are eyeing. In such a case, it makes sense to audit the security of your premises and be safe rather than sorry.

The locks are malfunctioning- Wear and tear over time results in locks that get jammed or stick out. When this happens consult a commercial door locksmith service that’d help you choose a better quality door that keeps your premises and your belongings safe and secure. Also, make sure that the new lock that comes with the door matches your requirements.

The door is quite old- Just like any machine, your door too needs to be replaced after a few years. Though doors are usually quite durable, the locking mechanism may get damaged due to rough use. Also, with time, some of your employees may come and go, and some may not have returned their keys to you. If this has happened for quite some time, it makes sense to replace your commercial door and lock.

You’ve relocated to a new place- Relocating to a new place can be quite exciting, but you never know what the previous owners did with it. What we mean here is that you have to revamp the new premises’ security to eliminate the chance of burglary. You could contact a locksmith for lock installation services to replace the locks.

Factors that influence the cost of replacing commercial doors

The material used- Commercial doors come in various materials- fiberglass, aluminum, wood, glass, and others. Depending on the requirement, what it’s going to protect as well as the elements of nature, you’ve got to select a door material that is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

Type and door model- Door structures come in various forms. At one end, you have manual doors that are cost-effective and designed for privacy and minimum security. At the other end, we have heavy metal doors that protect extremely precious items and use complicated locking mechanisms. All of this matters when selecting commercial doors for your premises.

Labor fee– Simple doors require minimum effort to install while heavy doors require specialists to install. Based on the door type and material, you have to pay a separate labor fee for the door installation.

Customization- Again, if you’re looking to secure a premise that requires customized doors, this could be quite costly. For instance, you may need specialists if you’re looking to install an automatic door and lock mechanism.

In the end

You cannot take your premises’ security lightly. You would need to change your doors as and when needed and with the best quality material and customization needed. Also, you would need to install a security system that matches your requirements. If you have any kind of requirement like this, feel free to consult Desert Locksmith.