If you are a car enthusiast, you must certainly know about the craze that Mercedes Benz cars hold. Mercedes Benz is a brand synonymous with high quality and reliability. They automatically rank top in the list of luxury cars. Even if you don’t possess any information on cars, Mercedes Benz is one brand you must be familiar with. 

When you own such a valuable vehicle, along with the perks, there are also some problems associated with it. Some common hassles are uneven tire wear, engine overheating, getting locked out of your car, or car theft. Especially getting locked out of your car is tiresome. In this article, we discuss the car key replacement cost of the Mercedes Benz Car while talking about key fobs and their programming. 

What Is The Cost Of Mercedes Benz Car Key Replacement?

The cost of finding a car key replacement for Mercedes Benz cars depends on the model you use. Mercedes was the first brand to introduce the smart key system in 1998. Though Siemens created it in 1995, Mercedes cars were the first to incorporate it. 

With Mercedes Benz being a pioneer in incorporating smart keys into their vehicles, you must find the right locksmith for car unlock service. The technology used in the keying system is complex. So, you have to be very cautious while handing out the task. Before going for a locksmith or dealership to find your car key replacement, you have to analyze the following metrics:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Credibility
  • Timing
  • Guarantee


The average Mercedes Benz car key replacement ranges between $200 to $300. However, the cost varies depending on the dealership and the amount of work needed to fix it. The cost of high-end cars might soar up to $500 on average. 

Car Types Price Range
Mercedes Benz Normal Models $200 to $300
Mercedes Benz High-End Models Around $500

Now, Why does the pricing fall under this range?

The main reason is the new keys of Mercedes Benz are programmable keys. So, depending on the problem, the price varies. 

Below, we have listed some common problems associated with general car unlock services.

Instance 1: Stolen Keys

Here, it is not feasible to buy duplicate keys. As there are chances of car theft, report the issue immediately and lock your car system. Later, buy a new key and reprogram your car’s software to authorize the new key to lock or unlock cars.

Instance 2: Misplaced Keys

Here, you have kept your key somewhere and couldn’t locate it. So, you can simply buy a new key and program it with the car’s software. 

For instance, if you have a standard key and lock your car with the key inside, you can opt for a car key replacement service. However, if the car key is stolen, we recommend reprogramming your car’s software. As your car key is stolen, there are chances of car theft. So, it is better to reprogram your car locks. 

Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement is simply replacing your broken key or lost one with the new one. In the case of Mercedes Benz cars, you can tell our skillful locksmith for car key replacement. 

Car Key Fob Programming 

With Mercedes earning the tag of the first brand to introduce smart keys, the concept of keyless entry has evolved. Hence, you have to contact the right Automotive Locksmith Services to get your key fob. 

What Is Key Fob?

A key fob is a small rectangular device that connects with the keyless entry system of your car to lock or unlock the door via RF signals. The key fob sends a signal to the keyless entry system to unlock the doors within a given range. 

If you lose your key fob, you should buy a new one. However, you will have to program it with your car’s software. 

What Is Car Key Fob Programming?

To program a key fob, you must use a key fob programmer. The programmer reprograms the transponder by coding a new key fob.

There are multiple advantages associated with car key fob programming. Let us go through some of the common advantages below. 

Decreased Theft: 

The key fob programming programs your car’s lock system. So, it is difficult for thieves to read the codes and unlock the car. The key fob also has an alarm system that alerts in case of an unauthorized attempt to access it.

Easy To Use: 

When you use a key fob, you can easily lock or unlock your door with a single push of a button. The key fob also helps you locate your vehicle in the crowd with its advanced alarm system. 

Increased Security: When you are in danger or unknown locations, you can quickly get into your car with a single click of your key fob. This programming system ensures high-grade security not available in traditional keys. 

Wrapping Up

Finding the right locksmith to cater to your automotive locksmith services can be tough. It becomes stressful if you are a first-time car buyer. Desert Locksmith is one of the top locksmith service providers in Arizona. Being a family-run company, it has a brand of trust and authenticity. You need not think twice before requesting service from Desert Locksmith. You will not be disappointed.