Having a secure door for your home or office is the foremost thing on your mind when you invest in the property. It secures your property against unwanted break-ins. A professional residential or commercial locksmith will help you identify the best possible locking solution.
There are quite a lot of options available for locks and they can be broadly classified into two types.

1. Traditional door locks
2. Smart locks.

Instead of taking your home security for granted, research these locks and select the best option for your home or office. A lot of people are unaware of its significance until they are locked out or fail to secure their property against break-ins.
In this blog, we’ll compare traditional locks to smart locks. Once you have gained thorough knowledge, talk to a professional residential locksmith to decide the best course of action for you.

What is a traditional lock?

Traditional door locks are the ones you’ll commonly find everywhere in homes and offices. They have a locking mechanism that locks the door and a key is needed to unlock it.
There are different traditional door locks. Some examples are mortise locks, knob locks, pin-tumbler locks, and deadbolt locks. There are variations in the locking mechanism of these different types of locks. These locks keep your property secure from intruders.

What is a smart lock?

Smart locks are traditional locks interspersed with automation mechanisms for convenience and access control. These don’t need a key to unlock. They can be operated and controlled by smartphones with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. They can be engaged remotely or electronically.

Smart locks vs traditional locks

So, are smart locks more secure than traditional locks? Smart locks allow homeowners or businesses to monitor and control their locks in a way that traditional locks cannot. However, does this mean that smart locks are more secure than traditional locks? Let’s see how they fare against one another.

1. Security

It’s easy to pick traditional locks. Anybody with a little skill can search online to pick traditional locks.
Of course, the locks now come with advanced mechanical technology those are hard to pick for burglars. These are resistant to lock bumping and lock picking. Only a professional residential locksmith will have the skills and expertise to help you when you are locked out.
Smart locks are nothing but traditional locks with digital technology. The locking mechanism remains the same but only the interaction is changed. Smart locks offer ease of access but when you compare security, it is the same as traditional locks.

2. Convenience

This is an area where a smart lock wins hands down. You have the ability to let someone in from miles away without the need for a key.
Traditional locks need a key to unlock and it is inconvenient especially to hand over the keys to someone you would not trust. And the key remains with the person until they return it. This poses a security risk as there is a possibility that it may get in the wrong hands. Also, if the person loses the key, you’ll have to call the residential locksmith to have the lock rekeyed or install a new lock.
Even though smart locks offer access convenience, any disruption in WiFi or Bluetooth means you are locked out. Most smart locks have a physical key when you have such issues, but then it defeats the purpose of having a smart lock for convenience.

3. Versatility

Smart locks have the option of unlocking the door with your smartphone, biometrics, codes, or even regular keys. They are connected to your smartphone to control the lock or even monitor and see who has accessed your door and at what time.
The same can’t be said about traditional locks. You need the key to unlock the door and there is no extended versatility other than having a master key.

4. Access control

Traditional locks require a key for entry and giving access is quite a challenge when you have only 2-3 keys for a lock.
If you are a family of four or you have different employees coming in first or leaving late, the only option is to make a duplicate using a professional residential or commercial locksmith service. But managing these keys is also a challenge as there is every possibility that these may get lost or misplaced.
Smart keys give you full access control without the need to have keys. It gives you options for access like permanent, temporary, or time schedule. Smart keys indeed win when it is about convenience, versatility, and access control.

Is it a good idea to get a smart lock?

Yes, given the many advantages that smart locks have over traditional locks! Let’s elaborate.

1. Improved safety

Smart locks have advanced technologies that resist any attempt by burglars to break in. It can withstand heavy destruction.
Digital technology ensures that the messages sent from your app or smart device to the lock are end-to-end encrypted so that they cannot be hacked or duplicated.

2. Connect via Bluetooth or WiFi

You can monitor and control your home security through Bluetooth and WiFi. With traditional locks, the keys can get lost or misplaced. But with a smart lock, you just need to have a Bluetooth or WiFi connection to unlock or keep unwanted guests away from your property or safe vaults.
With WiFi, you can utilize real-time monitoring and view who have entered or exited your home and when. You can also open the lock upon your arrival when your Bluetooth range approaches it.

3. Remote control access

With integrated tools for your smart lock, you can also control it remotely. This helps the owner to activate the lock when you are away from home to let those you trust inside your home.

4. Complete access control

With smart locks you can customize the access you grant to others in different ways. For instance, if you have a scheduled visit of the house cleaner, you can grant them access for a certain time.
Some smart locks have features to schedule access settings to allow entry for certain days of the week and times. This is especially useful when you have guests visiting your home. All these are possible without the hassle of handing over the keys to your guests like in traditional locks.

End Note

If security is a priority, we suggest you go for traditional locks. They have advanced mechanisms in place now to make them stronger and better. Smart locks are best when you need flexibility in access control and convenience. If you have a good budget, go in for smart locks.
Smart locks are vulnerable to hacks and cyber threats. This is an additional risk to security. But again, there have been improvements in this area too. So, with improved security features, smart locks are the best choice for modern homes and offices. It would be no surprise if traditional locks become obsolete in the future.
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