When it comes to locksmith services, the best you know about them is that they are skilled professionals in locking and safety solutions for your homes, cars, and offices. But do you know that there are other types of locksmiths such as forensic or safe vault locksmiths? Here, this blog lists the different types of locksmiths and the services they provide. It will assist you in choosing whom to contact when you need a locksmith service.

1. Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith is a professional who specializes in home security. They are specially trained to improve the safety of your home by providing the best locking solutions. They are well-versed in replacing or repairing locks. They also advise you on the best measures you can take to keep your home safe from intruders.

A residential locksmith provides the following services-

  • Key copying and replacement
  • High-security lock installation
  • Electronic access installation
  • Door & window lock repair
  • Rekeying
  • Lockout solutions
  • Damaged door lock repair
  • Broken key extraction
  • Upgrading home security hardware
  • Creating a master key

In addition to these, a residential locksmith also helps to install panic bars and emergency exit door devices. They are trained to understand the residential security standards and solve security issues faced by homeowners. They give the best recommendations on home security to their clients.
So, the next time you are locked out of your home or need the key relocked, you know whom to call!

2. Commercial locksmith

A commercial locksmith provides security services for commercial properties. They help in opening and changing the locks of offices and commercial spaces. They also provide highly advanced locking solutions such as electronic and digital locks, master key systems, and access control systems.
A typical office security solution varies from that of home security. The locking solution is usually complex and it requires higher expertise.

A commercial locksmith provides the following services-

  • New lock installation
  • Lock and key repair and maintenance
  • Lock replacement or rekeying
  • Key duplication
  • Security upgrades
  • Lockout response
  • Master key system
  • Business safe installation & repairing
  • Digital lock installation & services
  • Access control systems

A commercial locksmith not only protects the office or commercial premises from external intrusion but also from internal threats. Businesses can rely on commercial locksmith services to provide a comprehensive security solution for their offices

3. Emergency locksmith

As the name suggests, an emergency service locksmith is a licensed professional who is available for locksmith services in case of emergencies 24*7. They are skilled and equipped with the tools and software needed for any situation. They are able to work on any type of lock whether it is a home, office, or vehicle.

An emergency locksmith provides the following services-

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Alarms and access controls
  • Locks for doors and windows
  • Installation, repair, and adjustment of locks
  • Services for lockouts and break-ins

An emergency locksmith rescues people or secures the place in a panic situation. They understand the requirements of their clients and provide quick services to at least ease the situation. They even provide consultation on the best possible solution with the least damage to the lock or property.

4. Automotive locksmith

An automotive or car locksmith specializes in lock solutions for automobiles. The skills required to deal with locks and keys in a vehicle are different from those you use for homes and offices. The primary service provided by an automotive locksmith is simply unlocking your vehicle. So, when you have a problem with the lock and key of your vehicle, call a car automotive locksmith.

An automotive locksmith provides the following services-

  • Unlocking the vehicle door
  • Vehicle key replacement
  • Broken key extraction
  • Car key fob programming and reprogramming
  • Making laser-cut keys and duplicate keys
  • Repair car locking mechanisms
  • Fix and install alarm systems
  • Fix the remote keys

If you are locked out of your vehicle or have lost the keys, you need to call an automotive locksmith. They help you to get out of that situation. They are capable of handling the most advanced security systems used on most vehicles today.

5. Industrial locksmith

An industrial locksmith secures industrial and retail units and warehouses from thefts and burglaries. The service is almost similar to commercial locksmith service but on a larger scale. An industrial locksmith assesses the entire unit and prepares a security solution.

An industrial locksmith provides the following services-

  • Installation of alarm systems
  • Creating a master key
  • Designing access hierarchies
  • Internal & external security assessment
  • Lock repair and maintenance
  • Lock replacement and rekeying
  • Installation & fixing of advanced digital locks

Secure your industrial properties with industrial locksmith service. Make sure you approach a skilled locksmith to do the job for you.

6. Safe Locksmith

A safe vault locksmith provides locking services and solutions for your safe vault doors. They open safe doors when you have lost or misplaced the keys or when you have forgotten the passcode. They help in resetting the passcode and repairing the lock system. If you want to upgrade the safe lock, they provide consultation services in addition to installation and maintenance of advanced digital safe locks.

A safe or vault locksmith offers the following services-

  • Unlock the safe
  • Recode the vault lock
  • Repair bolt jams and locking systems in the safe
  • Move the safe to another location

When you search online for “safe vault locksmith near me” make sure to select the one that has a skilled team and a good amount of experience in safe lock installation and repairs. Most importantly, they have to be trustworthy and have a positive reputation for their services.

7. Forensic locksmith

Another type of locksmith is a forensic locksmith who is a regular locksmith but provides locksmith services for investigative purposes. They visit the spot of the crime scene and help the investigating officers in understanding how the door or window was opened forcefully.

A forensic locksmith provides the following services-

  • Provide testimony on scientifically verifiable information regarding the crime spot lock and keys.
  • Studies the lock of the door, window, or safe to make an accurate analysis of how a possible entry was gained.
  • Work with insurance companies for claim purposes
  • Collaborate with law enforcement authorities in the event of burglary or theft.

A forensic locksmith can work for prosecution or defense. They inspect if the locks have opened because of unauthorized activity, manufacturer’s problem, installer’s problem, or authorized entry. So, in addition to being skillful in lock solutions, they must also have expertise in determining the possibilities of intrusion and standing by their analysis and report.

Wrapping Up
So, that’s it for the type of locksmiths. Though you might be familiar with a car locksmith or a residential locksmith, there are many more that requires skills and expertise in that field. As lock systems and solutions become more advanced, the onus is on the locksmith to provide good customer support services.
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