When we say safe cracking, we don’t necessarily mean stealing from the safe. Yes, safe cracking does mean any action made to break into the safe or move it, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be illegal. Sometimes, a professional locksmith is needed to break into a safe if the keys or safe combinations are missing. 

When it comes to safe cracking, the only thing that comes to mind about safecracking is what we see in the movies. What you see there is not exactly the truth. In this post, we’ll see what safe cracking actually means.

How to open a safe without the combination or keys?

There are 3 ways to do this- 

Lock manipulation- Here a safe locksmith does not use any tools that damage the lock but tries to open the lock using special bypass procedures. You must have seen in the movies how the lock’s vulnerabilities are manipulated to gain access to the safe. Though the movies show this whole process in a short time, in reality, it can take hours to do so. In fact, a locksmith needs years of training and practice to pull off a lock manipulation procedure successfully.

Combination guessing techniques- This is another way you could open a safe. However, this too is not easy and the locksmith needs to know the safe manufacturers’ factory settings to guess the right combination to open the safe. Guessing works when the safe owner has used a simple combination to open the safe. If the combination is complex, guessing the same could be quite a task. You can think of this as remembering a password and keeping it complex to make sure it isn’t that guessable.

Weak point safe drilling methods- Not all safes are made the same. Some are inherently complex, with a locking mechanism that makes guessing or lock manipulation almost impossible. In such a case, if you’ve lost the combination or key, the only way to open the lock is to drill into it at its weak points. For this, the locksmith would need the manufacturer’s details and understand how the safe was constructed in the first place. 

Based on this, the locksmith can drill into the safe at certain weak points and eventually get access to the safe. This is a long-drawn process that could take hours, even days. This isn’t easy as the safes are made with special alloys that make it impossible to drill through the safe. The only practical way to open it is when you drill at specific spots and open the safe with special techniques


If you have a safe at home, it always makes sense to remember the combination or keep the keys in a secure place so that you don’t need to destroy them if you’ve lost the keys/combinations. If, in any case, you’ve forgotten the combination and need help, make sure you contact the right locksmith. Inexperienced hands can make the situation even worse. If you need experienced locksmiths, you could always contact desert Locksmith, the best locksmith service in Phoenix.