As long as you have the car keys with you maybe you’ve never worried about a situation wherein you may have lost or damaged your key and don’t have access to enter the car. Such situations don’t come informed, right? What then will you do? It’s always good to be informed about the solutions rather than panic at the last minute with absolutely no idea about what you should do next when you lose your car key!

1. Search, search and search

Keep calm and gather your senses to begin searching for the key. Don’t have any preconceived notion about what might be the possibility of losing the key. Instead, take a fresh approach and start searching for it in unexpected places and circumstances. Remain calm because all is not lost if you have lost the key. In all possibilities, you can contact the automotive locksmith services to get your task done! So remain composed and have patience when searching for the lost keys.

2. Check your vehicle

If the car key is not in the immediate surroundings, there’s every possibility that it might be inside the car itself. You might have simply forgotten it inside the car. If you find the key locked away inside the car, all you have to do is call the Desert Locksmith service. They’ll help you to get inside the car and retrieve the keys.

3. Gather car information

For the locksmith or the car dealership to help you retrieve or make a new key, you’ll have to provide information such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), the make of the car, its model number, and year of registration. You’ll find all these details in the insurance papers or the car registration document. Also, the car unlock service experts can find out the make of the key by examining the car door lock to help you with its necessary replacement.

4. Use spare keys

Have a spare key in handy because they are your savior when the original key is lost. If you are in a faraway place where it is not possible to source the spare key, you might have to tow it to the nearest dealership or call for the car unlock service.

5. Inform the insurance company

If you have lost your key and aren’t able to find the spare key either, inform your insurance provider about it in writing. This will help you if your car gets stolen.

Once you have understood what to do when you lose your car key, let’s now see the solutions based on the car key types.

  • Traditional car keys

  • If you have traditional car keys, the solution is simple. You can get a new key using a standard key blank and cutting machine. These are common for older cars. Take the services of a local Desert Locksmith to come and help you gain access to the car by making a new key on the spot. In some cases where it is not possible, you might have to buy a new ignition lock cylinder and key from your car dealer or even the locksmith.

  • Car key fob

  • The car key fobs (frequency-operated buttons) came as a technologically advanced solution replacement to the traditional keys. They were convenient to use and could be used both as automatic and traditional means to unlock or lock the car. If you lose the fob of your car keys, you still have the key to enter the car. The fobs can easily be replaced. The car key fob programming can be done at the Desert Locksmith services. If you lose the key, you’ll have to call the car unlock service.

  • Car key fobs with foldable keys

  • Similar to car key fobs, these have a folding key mechanism in them to make the keys hidden from view. The fob has a spring-loaded key that folds into it, like a switchblade. If you lose the car key fobs, you’ll have to hire a trusted car unlock service. The expert will do the car key fob programming on-site. You can also try them at the car dealership center. But if you have the contact of the trusted Desert Locksmith service, we would suggest opting for it since they come to your doorstep for the job.

  • Transponder key

  • This is again an advanced key that uses an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The unit recognizes when the right key is pressed to start the car’s engine. You will have to enlist the car unlock service if you lose your transponder key. They have spare keys with the same chips that can be sued to unlock your car. Of course, since it requires expert automotive locksmith services, they may charge you a little more than the traditional key unlock services.

  • Smart key

  • The car key technology today is with a keyless entry and push-button to start the engine. Without this smart key, you’ll not be able to unlock the car or even start the engine. What to do if you have lost the smart key of your car? We recommend you keep the spare in the glove box. But if you have lost the key and don’t have access to even enter the car, you might have to get your car towed to the nearest dealership where they will do the car key fob programming to provide you with a new pair of keys.

Wrapping Up

We can’t stress enough how you have to remain calm when you lose your keys. It will help you in searching for the keys and also in deciding the right next step to gain access to your car at the most cost-effective method. Also, always keep the contact number of the Desert Locksmith service saved on your mobile so that you can call them in emergencies.

Make it a point to lock your car and put the keys in a safe place always whatever the circumstances. Note down where you have stored the spare key and inform other members of your home so that they can get it to you when needed. Contact your local Desert Locksmith and get a spare key readied if you don’t have one. Remember, prevention is better than cure. And it holds true for car keys too!