It’s the usual morning rush hour to go to your office or drop off the kids at school. It may have to attend a team meeting or take your loved one to the hospital. Sometimes, when things need to go smoothly, something unpredictable happens such as an emergency lockout situation. You rush out of your house and lock the door but forget the car keys or the home keys inside. The door is locked and you have no access to gain entry into your home or vehicle. What would you do in an emergency lockout situation? Read until the end of this blog to be prepared to handle such unforeseeable circumstances or help others when they are stuck in such situations.

Reasons for an emergency lockout situation

While we have mentioned that you forget the keys inside and lock yourself out of the house, there are various other reasons for an emergency lockout situation.

  • The key gets stuck in the lock while trying to open the door
  • The key is broken and bits of it remain inside the lock
  • The lock is damaged disallowing you from opening the door
  • You have lost or misplaced the keys
  • You’ve left the keys inside and are now locked out.
  • The key is stuck inside the lock due to wear and tear or corrosion of internal lock components
  • Someone has forcefully damaged the lock and now you cannot open the door

Whatever the scenario, it is important you think and act wisely and refrain from making further attempts to damage the lock and the door.

What to do in an emergency lockout situation?

In an emergency lockout situation, it is crucial to remain calm and composed and then seek help. Emergencies do happen and the good thing is there are solutions.

1. Don’t panic

The first thing that usually happens when you are locked out is you start panicking. But there isn’t any necessity to be so. The more you panic, the more you feel like you are stuck in the situation. Compose and relax so that you can think about the next course of action. Don’t force open the door. Don’t panic even if your pet is stuck inside. You can immediately get access to your house only if you remain calm throughout the situation.

2. Don’t force open the door

Once you become calm, think about the next course of action. Don’t try breaking in. This may damage both the lock and the door. You might get hurt as well. Breaking open the door is the last option for consideration. Before that, we have quite a handful of options to try.

3.  Don’t try picking the lock

We know there are hundreds of written and visual resources available to pick locks. But don’t try these DIY methods. You may invite the wrath of law enforcement agencies if you do so. Also, you’ll end up damaging the lock and door and this is the last thing you want when you are locked out.

4. Get assistance

Call your neighbors for help. No, this isn’t to break open the door together or try picking the lock. But their presence will have a calming effect on you. The best course of action when you are locked out in an emergency situation is to call the locksmith.

5. Emergency locksmith services

An emergency locksmith is a professional locksmith who provides services related to lock, keys, and lockout situations beyond normal business hours. They are available 24*7 and are skilled in emergency lockout situations. They help you get access to your home, office, or vehicle with the least possible minimal damage to the lock and property.      

What does an emergency locksmith do?

An emergency locksmith has the tools and expertise to deal with emergency lockout situations. They usually replace or repair keys on the spot within minutes. Let’s now see what emergency locksmiths do and their broad actions in such situations.

1. Assess the situation

An emergency locksmith will first analyze the problem and decide on the course of action. They will inspect the lock for damage that may prevent the key from operating properly.

2. Remove the broken key

If the key is broken off within the lock, they use specialized tools to remove the broken key or bits of it which may be stuck in the lock.

3. Try unlocking the door

The professional locksmith uses key bumping and raking techniques to rotate the lock cylinder and open the door.

4. Cut a new key

Since the original key is not accessible, the emergency locksmith has to cut a new key identical to the original. The locksmith inspects the lock and uses a blank key to cut the key.

 5. Program transponder keys

If the key is a transponder key, especially your car key, the emergency locksmith must program it to function with the car’s ignition system.

6. Test the new key

Lastly, the professional locksmith gives the final touches to the key to make it work smoothly.    The emergency locksmith services may also include giving consultations for home and office security that may seem appropriate at that time. They also help in upgrading to more secure locks or installing security systems in case of emergencies.

What is the cost of emergency locksmith services?

The cost of emergency locksmith services in the US may vary depending on the situation.

  • Time of emergency service
  • Type of emergency service needed
  • Complexity of the job
  • Area in the USA
  • Location of your property

The average cost for an emergency locksmith in the US is around $200-$300. However, you can safely assume it to be anywhere in the range of $150-$500 or more, depending on the circumstances of the emergency and the rates prevalent in your area. Emergency locksmiths charge additional fees for emergency services outside of their normal business hours or for travel expenses.

How can you prevent an emergency lockout situation?

Having taken you through the steps in an emergency lockout situation, it is also important to discuss how to prevent such a situation. A few simple steps can help you avoid such incidents. Get key duplication services from your local locksmith. Make two or three copies of the keys and have one in your purse or wallet. You can hand one to your trusted neighbor or a nearby family member. Key duplication is cheaper than emergency locksmith service. Double-check that you are carrying the key with you when you are going out of your home, office, or vehicle. Maintain your lock and keys. Take the help of a professional locksmith to have it serviced regularly. Check your security systems for proper functioning. By adhering to these tips, you can prevent an emergency lockout situation.

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