This blog tells you about car key programming to help you in situations where you might have lost or misplaced your car keys.

You may have observed your parents or grandparents putting a key into an ignition or car door. Back then, starting a car only required a basic car key and there wasn’t much technical complexity. But as technology advanced, automobile keys were made more complex by adding transponder chips and immobilizer systems to make it almost impossible for thieves to steal cars.

The key fobs today, work with an integrated transponder chip and this makes it hard for anyone to steal your vehicle. Also, if you have misplaced your keys, car key replacement is not easy and it requires expert automotive locksmith services to program your car keys again. So, in this blog, let’s understand what car key programming is.

What is car key programming?

How does a programmed car key work? To learn this, let’s first understand the three main components of an automated car start system.

  1. Key with transponder chip
  2. Immobilizer module
  3. Engine Control Module

A car key comes equipped with a transponder chip. This chip stores the crucial car’s password needed for the immobilizer system attached to the engine control module.

When you want to turn on the ignition, you press the start button on the key. The transponder chip inside the key sends a signal to the receiver of the car ignition system basically to match the immobilizer password. If the signal emitted by the transponder chip matches the immobilizer system’s password, the immobilizer authorizes the engine control module to turn on the ignition.

Even vehicles that are equipped with the latest “push-start” systems work on the same principle. They have a transponder chip inside that stores the car immobilizer system’s password.

So basically, password matching is required to ensure the car starts making it more secure.

What if you lose your car keys?

If you lose your car keys, you have to order a replacement from the car key dealer. But this may take several days and a new set of keys are costly too. This is where automotive locksmith services come into the picture.

They do the car key programming where a new blank transponder chip is added to the existing key. The blank chip is now programmed to match the password of the immobilizer system. There are various methods for car key programming.

1. Onboard programming

This car key programming is relatively easy and requires a spare key to program a new one. You still need the help of automotive locksmith services. They put the car into programming mode where it programs the additional key. There are a lot of resources available on the internet to program your remote. But we would suggest you get it done by an expert who offers car key programming services.

2. OBD2 (OnBoard Diagnostics2) programming

An OBD2 is a diagnostic tool present in some sophisticated cars that allow the user to identify issues with the car and perform basic diagnostic tests. A car key replacement is possible with OBD2 programming. But it requires extensive car software programming skills. An automotive locksmith service expert will have the necessary skills and tools to enter the OBD2 programming system and modify the data to program the blank transponder chip of the car key. So, make sure that you hire an expert like the car locksmith in Phoenix to do the job for you.

3. EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) programming

EEPROM is a component of the memory part that stores the car key data sequence. Its programming is advanced and complex and can be done only through an expert car key programming service. They use specialized tools, pulsed voltage, and procedures to reprogram the key. The locksmith uses a kit to read the data from the EEPROM and save it to a file. The data is then passed to a transponder programmer or key cloner that processes the file and creates a password to match the key of the immobilizer system.

Note: Do not attempt car key programming if you are not skilled in it. If any system goes wrong, your car may stop functioning. It is advisable to hire expert automotive locksmith services. They have the ability to program any type of transponder key with ease.

How much time does it take for car key programming?

Different cars have different levels of complexity for car key programming. Some take only a few minutes while others may take a few days. Onboarding and OBD2 procedures are relatively easier while the EEPROM programming is complex and requires expertise. If your car locksmith is an expert, they will get the job done quickly.

How much does it cost to get a car key programmed?

Car key programming can cost as little as $50 or as much as $500 depending on the year, make, and model. The cost to program a transponder key ranges from $50 to $75. Remote key programming begins at about $100 and smart key programming service starts at $200.

If you go to a car dealership to do it, it is typically pricey. We suggest you try the services of a car locksmith in Phoenix. They specialize in car key programming services and car key replacement. You can get your car key programmed at a lower cost and faster time if you have lost or misplaced your car key.

Wrapping Up

DIY car key programming may look like a cheaper alternative for you. But we recommend going to a car key expert to minimise the risks.

The car locksmith in Phoenix is your go-to place for all types of car key programming services and car key replacements. They are qualified experts who get the job done in minutes.

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