You will eventually need to replace your door. As is with any home accessory, your door would withstand a lot of pressure and may need to be replaced eventually. This is a necessary expense, as your home’s security depends on the smooth use and easy locking of your door. You cannot afford to delay replacing your door, as this would allow burglars to break open and steal from you. Besides your door, you will also need to consult a residential locksmith who installs a relevant lock to the door. After all, you need to make sure your door protects you from all kinds of threats.

When do I need to replace my doors?

When the door isn’t opening or closing properly- If opening or closing the door takes time and brute strength, it’s high time you replace your door. Of course, you could check the door hinges and tighten them as needed, but if that doesn’t work, you really don’t have another option. One reason for this could be moisture that has caused the wood to expand.

The door is damaged due to age- With time, there’s going to be a lot of wear and tear to your door. This could result in rusting, denting, peeling, or splitting. In such a case, you may need to replace your door. Many a time, the door may lose its structural integrity, necessitating a change. Any termite damage to the door also means you’ve got to replace it right away.

You’d want to improve accessibility- If your door doesn’t allow prams or wheelchairs to pass through, it’s time to change it. You could opt for a door that allows greater space within the same door frame or widen the doorframe for a new door that will be wide enough for prams and wheelchairs. Besides this, you could also change the locking mechanism to include a door lever-based lock that you could open even with your elbows.

The door lock isn’t working as it’s supposed to If you’re finding it difficult to open the door lock or if it is not working the way it should, it’s high time you change the door entirely. Though this is a practice usually done by a commercial locksmith, security risks for your home mean you should change your door if the locks aren’t working.

You want to use better technology- With time, older lock and key doors may not give you the security you need. Using better technology like keyless locks with extra-secure doors would make sense if you’d not like to take any chances with your home’s security. There are many options available, some door locks now come integrated with CCTV cameras and speakers to talk to the person at the door without opening your door.

Your door doesn’t look good- If you’re redoing your home and your door’s current design doesn’t fit your design theme, you could choose from a wide variety of door designs. Your interior designer would help you choose the right door based on your requirement. Don’t forget to add a secure locking mechanism to the door.

The door doesn’t protect you well from the elements of weather- If your door doesn’t protect you well from the harsh wind or frost, you need to think about changing the door. Some people use towels or other clothes to stuff beneath the door to keep frost away. This is a temporary measure that will never work for the long term- it is best to change the door that fits perfectly in the frame and is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the weather and keep frost, water, and wind away.

In the end

Many people needlessly delay urgent repairs to their doors, they believe they can live with a faulty door without any issues. What they don’t realize is this could complicate the situation and could make your home vulnerable to robberies. That’s why you could consult an interior designer and a locksmith service near you who would help you choose the right door for your home.