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Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A About Key Duplication

How much does it cost to make a key?

That’s an interesting question. As a Phoenix locksmith, we would need to know which type of key you need to make. We are considered ‘key makers’, so we can make all types of keys. We can make house keys, motorcycle keys, car keys, RV keys, Boat keys, safe keys, office keys, desk keys, and more. In general, key prices range from $5-$200 for the materials. Call us now to get an accurate estimate for the key you need.

My key is stuck in the lock, what should I do?

The short answer is gentle. Keys are not very thick and if the cuts on your key are deep, that only makes the key more likely to break. If the key or lock is old, keep in mind that metal on metal wears down over time. So it’s not surprising that your key is stuck. In general, a lubricant such as Ballistol or WD-40 is great for locks. A little lubricant can go a long way for the longevity of your mechanical locks. We recommend you try to gently turn the key to the 12’oclock position and try to pull the key out. If it does not come out, please call us. We can extract your key using specialized tools. Then we’ll figure out why it got stuck in the first place and repair the key and lock to perfect working order.

Can a Phoenix locksmith make a key for a car?

Yes, by calling a locksmith, such as Desert Locksmith, you’ll find we are the best and cheapest way to get a new key made for your car. We are far less than the dealership when it comes to making transponder keys. Not only that, but we also warranty our parts and labor, just ask about that when you talk to us.

Q&A About Car Key Replacement

I lost my car keys, can a locksmith help?

Most people don’t think of a locksmith when they need a car key replaced, but in fact, locksmiths are extremely well equipped to do just that. Once you have called around to a few local area car dealerships and realized that their prices are sky-high, you can focus on calling an actual local auto locksmith. Desert Locksmith will come to you in your time of need. Simply call us to let us know the year, make, and model of your car. From there, we will let you know the cost of our car key replacement services.

I have a car key, why doesn't my car start?

If you have a key and it has worked in the past but has now stopped working, it could be the battery. Of course, that is assuming you didn’t drop the keys in some water. Newer cars have keys that are chipped. Meaning they have a computer chip embedded in the head of the key itself. With our locksmith shop on wheels, we can save the day. Desert Locksmith can come to you and reprogram your car key, replace the battery, or supply you with a new transponder key.

Can a locksmith work on my car ignition?

Fortunately, yes we can. We can repair and install ignition locks cylinders and the ignition switch. The cost of ignition switch repair or replacement plus the service fee varies for each car make and model. Getting it fixed from your vehicle dealer can cost you more than getting help from your trusted local Phoenix locksmith. With Desert Locksmith, we find ways for you to help you get the cheapest package out of our top quality service and parts. Our ultimate goal is to keep our customers completely satisfied, therefore we always provide inexpensive labor.

Q&A About Car Locksmith Services

How much does a Phoenix Car Locksmith cost?

We always provide honest and upfront pricing. The cost of our automotive locksmith services varies by service and the time of day in which you require service. In general, a car lockout in Phoenix will cost roughly $95-$150. If you’re wondering about the cost to replace your car keys, remotes, or key fobs, the price will range from about $125-$300. For any other services such as ignition repair, car door lock rekeying, and broken keys, please call us at 602-301-5243.

Can Desert Locksmith make car keys with chips?

In short, yes. We are a highly experienced, 24-hour mobile car locksmith experts. This means we have plenty of different car keys in stock along with all the necessary tools and machinery to identify which key you need, cut the key so that it fits and turns in your lock, and then program the key to your car’s computer. That way, when you turn the ignition or push start, the car will accept the key and the engine will turn on. Without the chip key programmed, your car will not turn on. It may sound like it is turning over, but it will shut off within a few seconds after any remaining gasoline has been sucked out of the gas line. This is a security feature called a transponder key. We can make car keys to all makes and models of vehicles, and we can even perform car computer reprogramming (EEPROM).

If I'm locked out of my car in Phoenix, will you damage my car when you open it?

Whether you’re locked out of your car at night or during the day, we will work very carefully to ensure your car door, door frame, and door locks are not damaged by our specialized bypass techniques. In many cases, we can get you into your car very fast. When we say fast we mean it should only take us about 5-10 minutes once we are on site. This is not because it is easy, it’s because we have trained for years to unlock cars, so we make it look easy.

Q&A About Residential Locksmith Services

Can a locksmith in Phoenix open my house?

This is a question we get all the time and the answer is a resounding yes. Bypassing your home security is one of the more common locksmith services we offer. It’s quick and we’re available 24 hours a day to get you in. The next time you’re locked out of your home, remember you always have a friend nearby that can get you in, call Desert Locksmith.

Can a locksmith install and program my smart lock?

Installing smart locks and digital keypad locks is something we do all the time. We have plenty of satisfied customers. If you’re in the market for a smart lock, we might be able to help you decide which model is best for you. Additionally, we can install and program the lock for you. If your door is not currently set up to accept a smart lock, we can prep the door and frame for a nice clean smart lock installation.

Which locksmith can I trust to come to my home?

That is a question that we hope more people consider before calling the first company they see that claims to have 100+ 5 star reviews or $19 service. Real locksmiths can be hard to find online sometimes. You definitely don’t want to get in touch with a ‘scammer’. A company that claims to be a locksmith but has no real trained locksmiths on staff. Of course, we have over 15 years of experience, insurance, and training. We are as legitimate as they come and if you have any doubts, you can check us out on, a third party locksmith directory.

When you need a real locksmith in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding cities you can count on Desert Locksmith every time.

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