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Our safe locksmith can change the combination on your safe.

With safes becoming more popular, the need for safe locksmith services has increased dramatically. If you have a safe, whether it be a small home safe, jewelry safe, wall safe, floor safe or any other type of safe, then you have the potential problem of getting locked out of your safe without a way to get to important documents or valuable possessions. You might be tempted to try to break the lock to gain entry, but this can really damage your safe and render it useless. Rather than make that mistake, call Desert Locksmith. Our experienced safe locksmiths have the tools needed to safely open your safe.

We Have Several Ways To Open Your Safe

No matter what type of safe locksmith service you need, Desert Locksmith can help. We can help with combo changes, bolt downs and safe combinations in addition to our other services. We work on American-made gun safes, Liberty safe, Sentry safe, Amsec safe, Champion safe, Hollow safe and safe boxes.

Manipulating The Safe

The preferred method of locksmiths when it comes to opening a safe is to manipulate the safe. This is because this method won’t damage your safe or the contents within. Our locksmiths will carefully listen to the safe as they attempt to manipulate it. They move the dial along with its wheels until they are properly aligned. Once they hear the sound that is made when the driver pin hits the notch on the flywheel, they know the unlocking process is underway.

Drilling The Safe

Drilling the safe could be quicker than manipulating it, but it does cause some minor damage cosmetically. A small hole is drilled into the safe. Where the hole is drilled depends on the type of safe and how the safe lock is mounted. When the hole is drilled through the hard plate and into the lock, a scoping instrument is inserted through the hole to help the locksmith see how the safe unlocks. Drilling has become more difficult as security measures make it difficult to bypass the lock on a safe.

Scoping The Safe

Scoping the safe is similar to drilling except that with scoping a borescope is inserted into the drilled hole to inspect the internal makeup of the safe. This method is used when additional security measures are in place that the locksmith must bypass.

Should You Cut and Pry Your Safe?

When all other measures fail, cutting and prying the safe is literally the last resort. We should never have to resort to this issue, even if all re-lockers have fired. Cutting a locked safe open will damage the safe beyond repair and should only be attempted when all other methods fail. The bolts that hold the safe shut are cut with a high-powered saw or a torch. Prying also has the same damaging effect and should only be done as a last option. If this option is used, consider the safe a brick because it will cost more to repair than to buy a new one.

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When you need the services of a safe locksmith, you need reliable services with a trusted company. You can find that with Desert Locksmith. With over 15 years in business, we are a family-owned and operated safe locksmith company and we have a proven track record of satisfied customers. Our safe opening services are available to residents of Phoenix, AZ, as well as Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and Peoria.

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