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Our key duplication service is one of the most common tasks that our customers request. After all, losing or breaking your keys can put you in a difficult spot if you can no longer get into your car, home or place of business. To prevent this from happening to you, it is a good idea to have your car keys, house keys or office keys duplicated before you need them so that you’ll have a set of spare keys on hand in case of emergency. If you have more questions about which types of keys we can make or pricing, please give us a call today.

Key Cutting for Standard Keys

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Need keys cut by a professional key maker? We’ll come to you and make sure they work.

Simple, metal keys, like those you likely use for your home or office, are relatively easy to duplicate. We use the latest equipment to scan your original key so we can create an exact key copy. We can make both single and double-sided metal keys. Your new key will be exactly the same as your existing key, so there is no need to worry about any issues with your locks. In some cases, the new key will actually be better than the old key because we will cut it to factory specifications rather than duplicating a worn now key. We’ll test everything before we go to ensure it is working properly.

Duplicating Car Keys

Automotive keys are a bit more complicated, as many of them are transponder keys, chip keys, laser-cut keys or some other form of high-security keys. You can rest assured, though, that our skilled technicians are up to the task. With our mobile key duplication service, you can get your car key copy right away. We’ll read the cuts on your key and even verify the cuts as it compares to the key code. We’ll ensure your new key fob is programmed to your vehicle so that it will be ready to go when you need it.

Making Keys from Scratch

If you no longer have your original key, like if it was lost or stolen, that is perfectly fine; our expert technicians can still provide key duplication service for you. We can reach out to the manufacturer to make keys by code, or we can scan the lock to identify the correct configuration for the key. We can use special picks to read the wafers in the lock or we can take your lock apart and read the wafers that way. While this process is a bit more complicated, our mobile locksmith vehicles are fully equipped to handle it. Reading the cuts ensure a perfectly working key every time. We will even file away the little burrs on the key by hand if the key doesn’t smoothly enter your lock.

Where to Get Keys Made in Phoenix, AZ

honda car key duplication

If the head of your car key is broken, call Desert Locksmith to cut you a fresh key.

We recognize that there are a lot of locksmiths in the Phoenix area, so you’ll have plenty of choices available to you for key duplication services. What sets us apart from the rest, though, is our commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and high-quality workmanship. All of our locksmiths are certified, registered and insured, so you can have confidence that you have chosen the best technicians for the job. We have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and we do everything we can to keep up with the latest technological developments so that we can continue to provide our clients with the best possible services.

Our family-owned company operates on a mobile basis, and we can come to you anywhere in the Greater Phoenix area, including Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria and Paradise Valley. When you get in touch with us for key copying or any of our other locksmith services, we’ll send someone out to your location anywhere in the Valley of the Sun as quickly as possible. There is no need for you to come into a physical storefront for key duplication service. We strive to make everything as easy as possible for you, so call us today to get started.

When you need a real locksmith in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding cities you can count on Desert Locksmith every time.

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