Locks are common in our daily routine, yet they are underrated. The world would be a considerably more terrifying place without them. You will understand the importance of locks if you might have encountered any threat till date. Even though we’ve become numb to their brilliance, there are a few things to admire about locks. This is so true that you could be surprised by a few fascinating facts. Here are some fascinating revelations about locks.

  • A lock was discovered in a cave in Egypt and was about 4000 years old when it was discovered. As a result, it was speculated that the Egyptians were the actual inventors of the lock. Paper, ink, and a writing system are among the other significant inventions of this ancient civilization.
  • None of the regular padlocks, all-weather padlocks, or even aluminum padlocks could compare to the size of this lock. The biggest padlock is held by a Russian Arts College, according to the Guinness World Records. This record was set in 2003 by a lock that weighed a staggering 415 kg. It stands 1.4 meters tall and has a carving and a crest.
  • Skeleton keys, contrary to popular perception and even locks of Hollywood film, aren’t as scary as we’ve been led to think. The truth is that they acquired their title by being stripped down to their bare essentials. That’s how they’re able to open so many doors. When keys are lost, locksmiths utilize a skeleton key.
  • Linus Yale Jr., the creator of Yale Lock, created the Pin-Tumbler lock mechanism, which is frequently used in cylinder locks. Different lengths of pins are used in this lock mechanism to prevent the lock from being opened without the correct key.
  • Houdini worked as a locksmith before becoming famous as an escape artist. He started working in a locksmith’s shop when he was 11 years old. He learned all the skills of the trade here, including how to pick a lock in no time. He went on to become the world’s best illusionist.
  • You’ve probably owned at least one of them and forgotten the code as well. James Sargent created the first combination lock with the ability to alter the combination after it was manufactured. This was originally invented in 1857 by an American. It is still an important element of the mechanisms that we use today.
  • Fort Knox Locks: Fort Knox is home to a significant percentage of the US gold reserves. The passcode to access the front entrance changes every day since it is one of the most guarded buildings in the world.
  • Basic Security Measures: Locks are more beneficial than you may believe! A third of all burglaries occur because windows or doors are simply left open.
  • Some regions of the world had appointed town guards or “Key Keepers” who were in charge of holding all the home keys throughout the Medieval Era.
  • Locksmith Apprenticeships: Although the term “apprenticeship” may sound archaic, it is typical in the locksmith business to complete an apprenticeship to become a Master Locksmith.

Locksmiths do more than simply cut keys and pick locks, did you know? Locksmiths used to create locks by hand before they were mass-produced. This means creating unique locks for each application. They now stick to their current jobs instead, since industrial means have surpassed the necessity for homemade solutions. Many of the more experienced locksmiths may still ‘pin’ cylinders and padlocks to guarantee that numerous locks are keyed identically or master-keyed.

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