Most kids these days do not know much about becoming a locksmith- they see one only when an emergency comes calling. Being a part of essential services, locksmith services need to be registered in many states, but not in Arizona. Anyone can become a locksmith after their high school or diploma degree, what matters is how much trust your employer has in you.


There can be unexpected challenges you may face on the job. For example, if you need to pick a complex, triple control lock, you will have to examine the lock and plan a way to pick it. If this isn’t done, you might end up doing more work than what was needed.

Learning new skills continuously

There are many types of locks out there- some are easy to pick, others aren’t. These include car locks, safe locks, home locks, and antique locks. You have to learn how all of these locks work if you have to pick one any time.

Thinking outside the box

Think of it this way- what would you do if a key is broken in the lock? How would you try to get into the door? The only option available is to try another way to open the door. Once that is done, you can then disassemble the lock to retrieve the key. Being a locksmith means dealing with situations that require creative thinking, as you would be put in unexpected situations at times.


Thinking out of the box also means you have to solve various problems. Sometimes, you might need to retrieve the broken key in the lock, while others include how to open new kinds of locks that you may know nothing about. You will have to think quickly on your feet and solve problems as soon as possible.

Ability to drive

This is obvious, right? If you are going to help people who have been locked out of their cars, you will need to drive to their cars right? Just having a driving license may not be enough, a locksmith also should have a working knowledge about how a car and its various systems work -especially the central locking system.

Competitive pricing

Every customer is looking for a service that has a lower price with the best service. Even if there is an emergency, there will be people who will reject your services if it is priced too high.

How do you deal with this? You have to price your services competitively- if one of your competitors is charging $10 for a service, you can offer $10+4 with additional security features thrown in. For example, you could offer your services across a region, just like the Desert Locksmith of Arizona do by servicing nearby cities too.

24×7 availability

Emergencies can come at any time. As a locksmith, you are required to be on-call 24×7, just as other doctors, paramedics, and firefighters are. You are also needed to work in a particular area, serving a fixed number of customers. If you are a one-man army, this may not be possible, but you can always offer your services on weekends or holidays in case of emergencies.


Some states require locksmiths to have an official license, while in others only a certification would suffice. This certification is as good as a license when it comes to proving to your customers and employers that you have the right skill set to practice as a locksmith. Generally, a certification of the Associated Locksmiths of America(ALOA) is enough to practice as a locksmith in Arizona.

However, you will need to have practical knowledge which you can get only by doing an apprenticeship. You have to prove to your employer that you are reliable and that you do not have any prior criminal history.

Buying the right tools

You will need some tools to carry out your work. If you are working for someone, you will get the tools you needed, while those operating on their own would need to carry their tools around with them. Some tools needed would be a rekeying kit, special tools for car lockouts, etc.

Though you can get your tools without any problem in Arizona, some states have regulations that you need to fulfill before you can buy your own locksmith tools.

Wrapping Up

Though being a certified locksmith mostly doesn’t find a mention on a kid’s career options, this is an in-demand profession with a lot of scope for growth. You do not need fancy degrees for this, a certification and some practical experience is what will drive your career forward. However, you will need to ensure a zero-crime record, as this profession places a lot of emphasis on security and trustworthiness.