If you’re locked out of your house, car, key box, protection box, or any other lock, then you will need to open the lock without any key. Luckily we have a few tips here through which you can open any lock easily without any key.

Note: One shall use one of the below-listed tricks only if they are the owner. If you are not the owner or have permission from the owner, do not attempt to unlock the lockbox.

If you can wait for the locksmith to arrive for door lock services, then do not go with any of the below options. Let’s start with the techniques:


Although each lock or device has its bypass, there are a few fundamental concepts that can be applied to any lockbox. You can bypass the system and open a lockbox without a key by manipulating the actuator directly.

You can manipulate a lock’s actuator by reaching through the keyhole. Insert anything slimmer and taller than your key into the back of the lock. You may be able to strike the tailpiece interface tool and rotate it like a rotating tailpiece.

To unlock a lockbox without a code, the manual or factory reset password is okay. This method works with several combination lockboxes that use typical reset codes. Look for documents for your lockbox, such as the handbook and the procedure for resetting the code.


If your lockbox has a padlock on it, it could be a fake security device. Most of the locks can be opened by entering two thin metal bits into the gap between the lock body and shackle.

A thin strip can be made with a pair of scissors and an aluminum bottle. Make a basic arrow shape, and place the point between the shackle and the lock’s body. Place the shims inside the “U” by pressing down on them.

Whether it’s how to open a lockbox without a key or how to open a key lockbox without a code, a keyed padlock or combination padlock might be endangered to shimming. You can have a product that can’t be duplicated even if you’re employing one of the best padlocks for your lockbox.

Lock Picking

Lock-picking is the most common and well-known method of unlocking a lock. This method usually necessitates a set of lockpicks, but it can also be achieved with a couple of paper clips.

The lock-picking steps may appear simple, but mastering them takes time and practice. If you frequently lock yourself out, this could be a useful skill to have. Several locksmiths utilize this method first and foremost. A tension wrench and a rake are the only tools you’ll need.


Drilling a lock should only be done as a last resort if you’re in a hurry. The drill will destroy the lock’s internal components, rendering it useless. You’ll need to repair the lock and possibly other elements of the door after the act. This may, however, be your only option if someone is in danger or requires quick aid. In that instance, select the appropriate drill bit size and drill the upper portion of the key path.

Don’t push yourself too hard, and go through each pin one at a time. To protect oneself from any flying metal, using eye protection may be a smart option. Calling a locksmith will be the best option because this method is a bit risky.

A Knife

While employing a knife may seem excessive or even dangerous, a properly utilized butterknife can accomplish the desired result in a variety of ways. Different types of locks can be handled in different ways with a knife. A simple flat keyhole is often found on household bathroom doors. Placing the knife’s tip in and rotating performs the job in a flash.

Some doors with more complicated keyholes, on the other hand, can be opened without using the keyhole at all. A thin knife blade can be slid between the door and the door jam if there is adequate space. One can similarly use a coin.

Credit Card

A locksmith may utilize this procedure, except instead of a credit card, they will use a thicker plastic shim. The credit card must be put between a door and a strike plate and pushed out, much like a knife. Changing the angle and orientation of the card may be necessary several times before you can properly reach a latch appropriately. Most new locks are resistant to shimming, but it’s still worth a go.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking a door without any key might lead to a non-performing lock later. So, it is not advisable to go with any of the above options without any emergency.