We usually take many things in our surroundings for granted- our doors are no exception. We do not realize that each fixture in our homes and offices requires some maintenance. Commercial doors are no exception.

Let’s face it- we always prefer those things that require minimal maintenance- be it our electronics, clothes, machinery, or, as in our case, commercial doors. Though these are already low maintenance, you have to take some care of them to extend their lifetime. If needed, you may need commercial door lock services to ensure the doors work properly.

Keep the joints lubricated

This goes without saying. Metal joints will make squeaky noises after a few years of use. To avoid further damage to the doors, it is essential to keep the door joints well lubricated. This helps increase the commercial door’s life.

Adjust the door well

The door should not have any squeaking sounds when opened. You have to make sure everyone can open the door with the least effort- you wouldn’t want to lose customers just because they couldn’t open the door, would you?

Ensure all the parts of the door fit well

With time, usual wear and tear can loosen the various fittings and components of the door. All of your commercial doors should be inspected regularly to see if any part is loose or has the potential to get loose. Based on this, you should make the right stitch in time to save yourself against further damage.

Clean it regularly

You might be cleaning your doors every day, but do you do it the right way? You have to use the right materials to clean your door. This includes a piece of microfiber cloth and a mild cleaner to wipe the exterior periodically. For more details, consult a furniture expert for the right solution.

Keep the locks lubricated

The door’s locks too, have to be lubricated well. After a few years of use, it might be a little difficult to open and close the locks, mainly due to corrosion and rust. Here is when you should lubricate your locks with a mild solution or consult a locksmith for further details.

Keep the door away from obstacles

Always clear the path of the door. Do not let anything come in between the door and its path. Sometimes, when the automatic revolver has stopped responding, people use door stoppers or other obstacles to keep the door open. This can do more harm than good. A better option would be to get the automatic revolver fixed as soon as possible.

3 main benefits of regular commercial door maintenance

Increased safety

A door that doesn’t open or close properly can be a serious safety hazard, especially if there are problems with the door’s hinges or its exterior frames. Regular maintenance can help identify problems- you can then rectify them as soon as possible.

Cost savings

As it is rightly said, a stitch in time saves nine. Investing in regular maintenance is much cheaper than spending on a new door installation or repairing an existing door. Many companies even outsource the maintenance of fixtures and doors to a third party and make them responsible to repair or replace any old broken commercial door.

Prevents potential chaos

You cannot work long with an ill-maintained door. This not only looks unprofessional but is also a health and safety hazard. It is better to make fixes at the start of the issue than wait till urgent (and sometimes expensive) returns need to be done.

Wrap Up

A little care for your commercial doors can save you a lot of money. We may not realize it, but when we tackle any weird noise-based issues of the door at the earliest, it can help extend the commercial door’s life by many years.