Are you looking for a replacement in key locks? Or want to install a system to respond to emergency calls in case of accidental lockouts or broken locks?

For all these things, you need to have a reliable, professional and experienced locksmith because you can’t take chances over security.

Unprofessional or unlicensed locksmiths often confuse customers and run scams. Here we have discussed some of the basic information that can possibly save a lot of your time and cost and keep you safe from any fraudulent activities-

Clearly specify services you require

Firstly, you need to clearly state what services you are looking for. Make sure that the locksmith you have contacted can professionally deliver the same. It includes-

  • Repairing, changing and rekeying locks
  • Installing electronic locks at commercial and residential projects
  • Fixing biometrics, keyless or access control system
  • Making duplicate or copy keys

Verify insurance coverage

An insured locksmith ensures that both your property and company gets covered when any unforeseen circumstances happen.

Moreover, business insurance policy, homeowner’s insurance policy or Automobile Association membership may include coverage for the cost of installing locks, repairs and any lockout services.

So, if you are a member of such an association or have an insurance policy, make sure you select a company that can cover all these costs.

Get an estimation for cost of services provided

Different locksmiths offer a different set of costs for repairing, remaking or changing keys of locks. It is good to do market research, understand the market prices, compare offerings and then make the final decision.

Make sure you ask for a written copy of quotation to get an estimation. If required, you can also ask for referrals before contacting him.

Check out their online presence

Having an online presence often supports credibility and trustworthiness. A Professional Locksmith must have a decent profile or at least a website with good testimonials that determine his quality of service to the society.

You can request to see his credentials to know whether he has a license to this profession and doesn’t have any criminal background. So, if any locksmith has a professional certificate and credentials, you can definitely start assigning your work.

  • Check locksmith’s ID and License
  • Ask for past works and experience

Must have cutting edge tools

A locksmith with outdated tools like plague is not a Professional Locksmith. He can’t help you with modern doors and might end up spoiling your locks draining time and money ruthlessly.

So, note that your locksmith has modern tools and software to deliver you faster and efficient services.

Get an invoice for Locksmith Services

A trusted and Professional Locksmith is willing to provide you with a written invoice. With that, you get contact details, name, address, signature and information of what you paid for to vouch all details.

From replacement locks, special emergency service to locksmith labor time, everything must be written on the invoice so you can submit it to your insurance company or membership association.

24×7 Services

What if you get locked outside your home or office in the middle of the night? Therefore, you should select a locksmith who is available 24×7 so you won’t face any troubles and headaches even during emergency situations.

Whether it’s an emergency lockout situation or any planned replacement, you always require a professional locksmith who can get your work done at any point in time. However, it is good to do at least a handful of research like checking portfolio, reviews and license before finalising any locksmith.

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