Considering the hard work and effort you’ve put into buying your home, car and other valuables, investing in its security is an expense we cannot ignore. Though we invest in locks and keys for all our valuables, there are some ways where we can save a few dollars without breaking the bank yet keep them secure.

#1- Keep a spare key handy

Many people do not do this, but it is quite important. Keep spares of all your keys in a secure place, like that of a safe. If you ever lose your keys, your locksmith can make copies from these spare keys.

If there is no spare key available, the locksmith would have to rekey the lock or reconfigure the lock to make a new key. This could turn out to be quite expensive.

#2- Buy your own key fob

Most cars these days come with a high-tech key fob. If this gets broken or stops working, get one compatible with your car online and ask your locksmith to reprogram it. You will find this to be significantly cheaper than buying a new key fob from your dealership.

#3- Rekey your lock instead of replacing the lock

For additional security, it is recommended to change the locks when moving into a new home. Save money by rekeying the lock instead of buying new ones. Rekeying the locks can be as effective as buying a new lock. However, you can’t rekey all locks. If the lock is rusty and old, it is best to replace them.

#4- Save on surveillance

Yes, a home security system with CCTV cameras could make any potential burglar think twice, but there are many cost-effective solutions too. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a home security system when you can secure your home with realistic yard signs and window decals.

#5- Find and vet a locksmith for emergencies

Many people call a locksmith only when they actually need one. You could find yourself paying more due to rework and unnecessary risk. Instead, call your neighbors and relatives to recommend a name that they trust. When you find yourself in a genuine emergency, these Locksmith Services are those that will help you.

#6- Wait for normal business hours

Some locksmiths charge additional fees if they are called after business hours. If your work is not urgent, inquire with them about their working hours. Call them after business hours only when there is an emergency.

#7- Negotiate for discounts

If there’s a lot of work to be done, you can negotiate with your locksmith for a good discount. For instance, if you have to rekey all the door locks in your new home, your locksmith could give you a discount. Also, some locksmiths give discounts to veterans and seniors.

#8- Take care of your locks

When you maintain your locks well, they’ll last you a lifetime. You could spray WD-40 in your locks with your keys. When you move the keys in and out of the lock, you can remove all the debris and dust that can damage your lock.

#9- Don’t DIY

Sometimes, Doing It Yourself can make matters worse.
Locksmiths have special training and tools which work on all types of locks. Do not believe everything you see online- your locksmith knows how to get the work done with minimal damage. If you DIY, you risk damaging the lock further and could cost you much more than expected

In the end

A few timely interventions, maintenance, and foresight could help you save money instead of calling a locksmith. Why do you think about Lock Replacement when you can rekey the lock? If you need a locksmith service in Phoenix, Arizona you can always count on Desert Locksmith.