The term ‘high security’ usually means a lock that can’t be picked easily to gain entry. If this is what it means, does that mean other locks are easier to pick? Not necessarily, say experts.
Locks come in various price points for a myriad of uses. Some are relatively simple, which can be easily picked with a spare key or otherwise. Others are far more sophisticated, coming with biometric access and mobile apps to gain entry. Many a time, these locks can be installed only by a locksmith services provider.

If you are looking to secure your precious belongings with a high-security lock, it isn’t just the lock you have to invest in, you also have to secure the windows and other points of entry to the room.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a high-security lock, you first need to know how secure they are.

Features of High-Security Locks

Bolt Strength– The bolt should be heavy and solid, preventing the chances of being picked or broken with a battering ram, shoulder, sled hammer, and other such heavy instruments. In other words, the criminal should not be able to overpower the bolt with brute strength. Only a bolt made with a strong metal can withstand brute strength or machines that can break the bolt.

Copying keys– At least once, a lockout may happen. This is when copies of the key or spare keys come into the picture. You have to keep your keys safe against criminals who can obtain the key and gain access to your home. Therefore, it makes sense for you to keep keys only where you need them.
For better security, you could go for a high-security lock with patented keyways. Only special machines can break such locks or make copies of its keys.

Hardware– In one way, the heavier the locks, the safer your belongings are. It is incredibly difficult to break or pick locks made with heavy and solid metals. If you have a lighter lock made with inferior metals or plastics, your home or office security is highly compromised. If you do get locked out, only an emergency locksmith service provider would be able to open these heavy locks and give you access.

Drill resistance– One of the easiest ways to pick or break a lock is by drilling into it. Many locksmiths too, use drills when necessary. Once you have drilled the lock, it then becomes worthless. Many high-security locks come with hardened steel ball bearings and anti-drill plates that protect the lock from being drilled into.

How to secure your home with high-security locks?

Normally thieves will not break into your home unless they know you have something that interests them. Usually, thieves would try to gain access to your home via a sliding door or window which is not secured well. Even if you use an expensive high-security lock at your front door, this investment is worthless if your windows and backdoors aren’t secured properly. Most thieves would find a way to access your belongings from the least secured door or window. That’s why many people nowadays prefer to use home security installations to keep themselves safe. Here, all the points of entry of your home are secured with a smart lock system that can be accessed via a mobile app or a code, eliminating the need to keep physical keys.

However, high-security locks could be a great option if you want to secure a room with a single entry point, like a storeroom or the room housing your gun collection.

How to secure your business with high-security locks?

In commercial properties, it makes sense to secure the premises with a heavy high-security lock. Additionally, you will also need to secure the windows and other points of entry to ensure foolproof security.

However, security systems like these can be quite pricey, especially if you use biometric locks and other smart locks. This is an investment in the right direction, as you need not make copies of your keys every time an employee leaves or doesn’t show up to work.

Summing Up

High-security locks are safer when you have to secure a room without any other entry/exit points. However, if you use them to secure just your front door and neglect your backdoors, windows, or other entry points, the whole idea of investing in a high-security lock is pointless.

To make your home or work premises truly secure, contact us. We’ll give you a security solution that even the most sophisticated and tech-savvy burglars wouldn’t dare access.