Traditional locks and keys have given way to ‘smart’ locks for added safety. Though people still use traditional locks due to their ease of use, many people are now opting to go for ‘smart’ locks where entry is given electronically.

This innovation gives added convenience, safety, and security to your home. With traditional locks, you need to keep the keys safely and securely with only those people who need entry. If any or all the keys are missing, there is no option but to call a locksmith service provider to gain access.

How do smart locks work?

Smart locks are keyless door locks where you can gain access with the help of a smartphone. Here, your phone acts as the key. The smart lock is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, so you can close the doors remotely or whenever needed. Smart locks can be easily installed and many can even be attached to the door’s deadbolt.

How smart locks are safe and convenient

There are various types and makes of smart locks out there. Most come with similar features that satisfy two factors- safety and convenience.


Custom user access codes – Many smart locks let you create unique access codes for various people related to the home. When you give your family and staff such codes, you get to know when your kids are back home from school or when your domestic help has arrived.

Limited access – The best part about this is that you do not need to keep keys safely. If you want to limit access to someone, all you have to do is disable their access code.

Emergency Automation – If someone forces entry to your home, the smart locks will automatically lock the home to protect it from burglary or to catch the intruder red-handed.

Monitors who come and go – With the smart locks smartphone app, you get to know when your kids reached home or when your mother has come visiting with a notification on your smartphone.

Work in sync with security systems – Many new-age security systems can be integrated with other smart systems and cameras so that you have complete safety for your home.


Nighttime illumination – When you have to enter a code, the smart lock promptly illuminates the screen for you to punch it in quickly. If such a feature was absent, it would be inconvenient to gain access to your home at night

Mobile access – Most smart locks connect to your smartphone. This means that you can access the locks of your home wherever you are, just a change of code is all that is needed to get your home locked. With mobile access, you know who comes and goes home and when.

Bid goodbye to lost keys – With access codes being your best friend, you do not need to carry wads of keys everywhere; just remembering a mere 4 digit code is enough.

Change access codes – If even one of your keys is lost, you may have to change the locks. With access codes, you can change it whenever a guest departs from home.

Reminders and automation – With a smart lock, even if you forget to lock the door, the doors are locked automatically whenever you leave.

Can smart locks be hacked?

As they are connected to the internet, they can be hacked. However, most smart locks come with software and features that make it almost impossible for hackers to hack the system. Features used in smart locks include

128-bit encryption – This is the same encryption that allows you to keep your credit card information safe when you shop online.

Two-factor authentication – When you forget your password, many online systems ask you for a code they text to your smartphone. In essence, this is two-factor authentication. Even if someone gets to know your smart lock access code, you do not need to worry as they will surely not know the second-factor authentication for gaining access to your home. In fact, you are supposed to give an alternative access code or text during the smart lock installation process for this two-factor authentication.

Long passwords – Nobody can get away with guessing your passwords anymore. Smart lock systems require you to keep a long password with special characters that you can use in case you forget your access code.

What happens when the internet is down?

Smart locks are well-equipped with alternative modes of access in the case the Wi-Fi network is not working. Depending on the smart lock make and model, smart locks have alternative systems where you can gain access. This could be via Bluetooth or an offline code that helps you gain access.

Summing Up

Smart locks are the natural alternative to traditional locks and keys. They are completely safe for use and come with features that help keep your home secure and safe. The next time you get locked out and search ‘locksmith near me’, ask your locksmith if he installs smart locks. Once you get them installed, you can heave a sigh of relief as far as the safety and security of your home is concerned.