Is it possible to use the same keys for different locks on their homes? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by customers. The best answers to this query may not always be the simplest. The common response is yes. But are you certain that you want one key to open all of your locks?

The following two terms are frequently used in the locksmith industry:

Keyed Alike – When your locks are keyed alike, it implies that you have several locks that all open with the same specific key, such as those on your front door, rear door, and the door leading from your garage to the interior of your home.

Keyed Differently – If you have several locks, each of which opens with a separate key, your locks are keyed differently. There are instances where locks share the same brand, shape, and color but each one needs a different, individual key

Consider the following factors before deciding whether to have all of your home’s locks keyed similarly or differently:

Convenience – Having a single key that can open all of the door locks on your home is undoubtedly handier. You can use a single key for all locks rather than having to carry around a keychain full of various keys (and label each key to distinguish it from the others). As a result, you won’t need a big keychain or to remember which key matches which lock every time you wish to get inside your house.

Access Restrictions – Some homeowners prefer not to have all of their locks keyed alike because they want to be able to restrict access to specific areas of their residence to those who have their keys. For instance, some individuals want their neighbors to have a key to their house in case of an emergency, but they don’t want them to be able to freely enter certain rooms, like the garage.

Lost keys – Despite your best efforts, someone who has a key to your house will misplace it at some point. When all of your locks are keyed the same, losing a key necessitates rekeying every lock in your house. When each of your locks has a unique key, you only need to rekey the lock that is connected to the lost key when one is lost.

Locks from various brands and types– If a residence has several different brands and types of locks, it may not always be possible for locksmiths to rekey them all to accept the same key. We must assess each case of this kind individually before determining whether or not it is likely to occur. It’s not always the case, yet sometimes it is.

Wrapping up

Rekeying the doors is crucial if you are moving into a new home or apartment because past owners or tenants may still retain copies of the keys to your residence. You get to decide if you want to rekey the locks as keyed alike or keyed differently.

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