You should act right away if your car key won’t turn in the door lock because this will just cause you further trouble. As a result, it may result in worse issues like broken keys or locking you out of your automobile. There are answers to this awful situation, so don’t worry.

This article will explain the cause of a car key not turning and how to fix it.

1. Car key damage

The car key may not turn because it is worn down or has a damaged form. Motorcycle keys frequently have bent or misshapen edges, but soft or thin metal keys can very easily bend.

Remember that even slight bending will prevent your automobile key from turning. Anytime you use the key, it can flex, and the more you use it, the smoother the metal gets. Because of this, the groves in the lock cylinder cannot accommodate the movement of the sliders, wafers, and tumblers. Your keys are the issue if another key can open a lock with a similar design.


The best solution to fix a broken key that won’t turn on your automobile is to get a car key replacement. Since you’re just replicating the issue, you might be able to get a replacement car key but not the worn one.

You can contact a car locksmith or the dealership for assistance if you don’t have your spare car key. You might need to gain access to a database that compares the VIN to the key code if you want a car key that looks exactly like the original. To make a key from scratch, you can also utilize a device that works with that code.

2. Broken door lock

Another likely reason is a faulty door lock, which prevents your automobile key from turning. You often don’t have to worry about car keys not turning thanks to keyless ignition and entry features found in newer automobiles. If the door lock is not utilized more frequently, it could break.

If the remote control for your automobile isn’t working properly, your door lock may be malfunctioning. The wafers or the cam may be deteriorating as common causes of the car key not turning. Wafers and cam can also get warped, much like a worn key. They may also become clogged due to rust or debris. When the lock assembly malfunctions, the car door may not open from the outside or the inside.


The first thing you should try if your automobile keys won’t turn is to wipe them with a dry lubricant. Applying lubricant inside the keyhole may require moving a spring-loaded dust cover. You must open the door if it still isn’t functional.

You can figure out how to get into your automobile if the car key won’t turn, resulting in a lockout. A locksmith is another option for getting your door opened. The internal door panel must be removed with the door slightly ajar to gain access to the door lock.

The set screws are reachable if the door is already open. If the door assembly was exposed, you could open it with the key. Find out what is causing the automobile key to not turn. If there isn’t a blockage, you can take out the lock cylinder.

You can figure out what’s wrong with the lock cylinder once it’s been taken out. You could also swap it out. If you plan to replace the automobile lock cylinder, rekey your ignition.

3. Faulty ignition cylinder

The cylinder may have a problem if the automobile key won’t spin in the ignition, which could lock the steering wheel. If the steering wheel is turned without the key inserted, modern steering wheels can be locked. In addition, the ignition lock cylinder could be broken.

Like other locks, the lock’s ignition cylinder is subject to wear and tear. The inside parts of the lock are stressed as you turn or insert the key. The lock will be defective as a result, and the car key won’t turn the cylinder.


If the steering wheel lock prevents the automobile key from turning, you can gently shake the wheel left and right while jiggling the key in the ignition. Make sure to guard against the car key separating from the ignition. If the key turns properly, the wheel ought to be able to rotate fully.

By applying lubrication to the keyway, you can fix a car ignition. You might still require a complete auto key ignition replacement in the interim. You can let a qualified automotive locksmith handle the work if you want to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

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