Needing a locksmith can leave clients with a variety of queries and doubts about which one to choose and what services they require because it is an unregulated profession that involves a variety of services. As a locksmith, you will play an important part in giving security expertise and advice to your customers, so knowing what the most frequently asked questions are will help you deliver better information and develop trust with them.

This blog will walk you through the top questions that consumers ask locksmiths and how to respond to them.

Which services do you provide?

Customers are sometimes unaware that locksmithing is a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of specialties and services. As a result, one of the most common questions a consumer will ask you as a locksmith is whether you can do several services, such as automobiles and safe opening.

As a locksmith, the services you provide will be determined by your experience and training, and while you may have some basic experience, it’s always advisable to confirm what the customer wants before agreeing to the task.

If consumers need a locksmith who can give a broad variety of auto locksmithing services. You don’t supply that service, it’s preferable to refer them to an auto locksmith specialist and only offer assistance with services you specialize in like duplicate keys or replacing locks.

While it may appear to the customer that “it’s all locks and keys, therefore any locksmith could handle it,” it’s always best, to be honest, and transparent about the services you provide or don’t provide.

You can also give them the brief of services you provide while on the call for the inquiry, they will keep you in mind if they need you for any of those services.

The cost

The second most common question you’ll be asked as a locksmith is whether your estimates are fixed or approximated.

It is a critical question for your customer and the first chance you’ll have to earn their trust and faith. Some locksmiths provide a fixed price quote, while others charge an hourly labor rate and provide an approximate estimate. In either case, being upfront and consistent with your pricing is critical to offering the best possible locksmith services.

When a buyer inquires about your pricing, it’s always a good idea to think about:

  • When you’re called out for work, does the time of day or whether it’s a weekend have an impact on your pricing?
  • What exactly is the service you’re supposed to provide? Will it necessitate the use of parts or materials, and how much will the parts cost?
  • Will your pricing for the service be affected if clients want a specific lock type or security level?

Genuine requirement

Customers’ third most common query to locksmiths is whether or not they are genuinely required. Customers will ponder if it’s worth it to employ a locksmith or if they should try to do it themselves first; nevertheless, if something goes wrong, it might complicate the matter and might cost the customer more.

Explaining to your consumer the advantages of hiring a locksmith as well as the potential pitfalls of choosing the DIY way is an important aspect of establishing customer trust. The following are some examples of significant points:

  • Your experience – as a locksmith, you’ve had the training and experience necessary to properly install or repair a lock.
  • Installing locks and other security measures in a home is an important component of home security; but, if these are fitted incorrectly, the property may become unsecured, rendering the extra security pointless.
  • Advice – as a locksmith, you can provide your customers tips on how to keep their doors and locks in good working order to avoid future difficulties, in addition to fixing their problems.


Finally, many consumers will request that a Locksmith make keys from a lock. It can be accomplished in one of two ways: dismantling the lock and producing a key from the components within, or making an impression of what the key should look like. In either case, this service necessitates a high level of competence and knowledge.

While you may be able to provide this service, it’s crucial to think about why a customer might request it and the security consequences if they’ve misplaced their keys. It is frequently more cost-effective for the consumer to simply have the lock changed.

Wrapping up

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