An extra house key may seem unnecessary in everyday life, but it will come in handy if you lose or break your primary key. Having an extra key placed in a secure area provides several advantages, ranging from lowering locksmith charges to making it simple to provide house access to friends and family. Surprisingly, many people still don’t have a spare key and those who do store it inside their home, rendering it useless in the event of a lockout!

Protect yourself from being locked out

The major use-case of a spare key is to prevent you from locking yourself out of your house. Having a spare key will save you the hassle of having to call or see a locksmith service provider right away if you lose your key, it breaks during the day, or you accidentally leave it inside your home while you’re trapped outside.

There are few things more frustrating than arriving at your front door and discovering that you can’t get inside without paying a hefty locksmith price. To prevent these circumstances and be able to access your home even if you’ve lost or broken your main key, it’s always a good idea to keep a second key safely stowed with a neighbor or somewhere close by.

Easier access

While an extra key is typically considered a safety net in the event of a home lockout, it can also be useful for controlling your daily property access. Having an extra key allows you to offer your Airbnb guests or relatives access without disrupting your daily schedule, rather than waiting at home for them to arrive. With a spare key, having a buddy drop by while you’re away from home is much easier than having them wait until you return home.

When it comes to welcoming Airbnb guests, travel delays are common, so having an automated mechanism for sharing a key might help you save time as you wait for them to arrive. A spare key also makes it simple to give regular home services like dog walkers and cleaners access to your property, allowing you to be elsewhere while they do so.

Replace your key

It’s considerably easier and less expensive to duplicate your spare key than it is to hire a locksmith to rekey your lock on the spot. Having a backup key on hand will save you time and money by allowing you to bypass the costly house call and go straight to the locksmith to have a new key cut. It is not only about a spare property key but you should also have duplicate car keys to prevent yourself from any emergency.

What to do when your key is snapped?

Snapped keys are one of the common reasons for a lockout. Keys are not impervious to the passage of time or the wear and tear that owners place on them daily. When you use a single key for a longer period, then the probability of getting it damaged is high.

If the locks you use with your key aren’t working as they should, you can be in for a key break. You may be able to detect if your key is about to break just by paying close attention to it in some circumstances. Many keys will have tiny cracks down the shaft, which is an indication that your key is about to break.

Damage to an original key is less troublesome when you have a spare key. It is because only one key will be subjected to the severe pressures that come with prolonged use. Owners can swap between numerous keys with the help of a spare key. It allows them to utilize a spare key if their original key is worn out, preventing the original key from snapping within the lock, leaving it worthless, and locking you out.

Spare key saves money

Having a backup key as a homeowner, automobile owner, or business owner can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can avoid the costs of calling a locksmith, missing an important meeting, or closing your business for a few hours because no one can get in if you already have a spare key (or multiple extra keys). The advantages of having a spare key exceed the negatives of not having one.

If you lose your keys, they break, or they are simply missing from your life, you will almost certainly need the services of a locksmith. When this happens, you’ll nearly always need a door unlocked or a key retrieved, which will cost more than having a spare key made.

Store your spare key securely

While having a spare key is essential, putting it in a secure location near your home where you can easily access it is also crucial. You can store your extra key in a nearby Keycafe SmartBox and grant access to friends, relatives, or Airbnb guests simply by entering their email addresses or phone number. You can effortlessly manage and track your guest’s travel to pick up your keys with the Keycafe mobile app.

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