When you move into new premises, what do you do first when it comes to securing the place? Many people change the locks or rekey locks to make sure only they have access to the premises. Irrespective of what the premises contains, you’d have to use a customized security solution that is not only easy to use but also ensures you aren’t locked out due to misplacement of keys or any other reason.

What is rekeying?

Lock rekeying is the process of changing the locking mechanism to suit a different key. With rekeying, you can change the key of any lock with the help of a Locksmith Service.

How does Rekeying work?

To rekey a lock, a locksmith would remove the entire lock body from the door so that he can access the
lock cylinder. Here, there are a series of tumbler pins that help the key open the lock. This contains grooves or patterns of various depths and heights to move the pin to open the lock. Once the locksmith can access these pins, he can realign the pins to suit a new key. This also means the old key cannot open the lock anymore.

Why should you consider rekeying?

Peace of mind– When you know that your premises’ locks have been rekeyed, you need not worry about any unknown person entering the premises with older keys. Rest assured, your premises are secured with the least effort.

Cost-effective– It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to rekey your home or office, this is a more cost-effective solution than changing the locks completely. This process may require you to buy a few lock pins which are quite inexpensive, besides the labor charges for the locksmith.

Timely– Getting your locks rekeyed requires a few hours. An experienced locksmith could do it with the right tools and good quality spares.

When should you NOT consider rekeying?

Though rekeying is a convenient option for securing new premises, it is not recommended all the time.

Old, worn-out locks– When the lock at the premises is old and worn out, it doesn’t make sense to rekey them as they’re more vulnerable to break-ins. Also, spares and keys for older locks are also hard to come by.

Flipping/remodeling your home– If you are remodeling your home your old locks couldn’t possibly align with your renewed security arrangements. Remodeling your home may require additional security arrangements, just rekeying your locks doesn’t fit the bill in this case.

When an expert isn’t available– If you are securing a property far away from town, and where a locksmith isn’t easily available, changing the locks is recommended.

When all the locks are of different makes– Rekeying isn’t possible when the locks in the property are of different makes. When you take control of the property, it makes sense to buy new locks from a common manufacturer for ease of use.

In the end

Rekeying is an ideal option when you seek convenience in managing your locks. Though this is cheap and effective, it may not work all the time, considering the age and condition of the locks concerned. If you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution, you could consult Desert Locksmith Phoenix for an appropriate solution.