The average cost of making a duplicate car key solely depends upon the technology that is involved in a vehicle’s ignition system. In the 1990s, auto manufacturers were adding computer chip technology to their keys for additional security, and now technology has progressed immensely. In today’s generation, new car models are more expensive than old car models because advancement in technology offers better security to your car.

How much does a Locksmith cost to make a Key?

Locksmiths charge less than auto-dealers to make a duplicate car key. Locksmiths are competing against dealers for business, and many consumers are unaware of the fact that a locksmith is the best option for duplicating a key. So, a local locksmith will lower the price to attract business via word of mouth. Moreover, an additional benefit of a locksmith is that when you bring a car key to duplicate first, they will take out your car keys and test if the key works before you leave the shop. Dealers will not do this kind of testing for your key before delivering it in your hands. A locksmith may be a little more expensive than the dealers, but he will surely save your time, and time is the most important element that you cannot have back once you have lost it.

How much does it cost to make a Duplicate Key?

There are many reasons to make a duplicate car key! First, what if the original key gets lost! Having a backup of a bunch of keys can save you from landing in trouble. On second thought, it proves to be useful for giving spare keys to your family members. Nothing is more frustrating than losing your car keys or locking your keys in the car itself. Having a duplicate set of keys can save you time, money, and energy. However, most people don’t opt for duplication of their keys due to fear of high cost.

Factors affecting the cost of a Duplicate Car Key

  1. Who is making the duplicate key: Depending upon who is making a duplicate key, you might end up spending a lot of money. Dealership costs are really higher compared to local locksmith costs. If you take your car to a local locksmith for duplication of your key, he will simply duplicate your key via machine whereas the dealer won’t guarantee that after the key is being duplicated, will the key fit properly in the car’s lock or not?
  1. Type of Car: The branding and manufacturing of your car model also play a crucial role in the cost affecting factor. It will cost more if you are having a new luxury vehicle. Older vehicles may have simple keys that may reduce the cost of duplicating the key. It is of utmost importance to look up to your key model before approaching a locksmith.
  2. Duplication Machine Used: While duplicating the key machine used also plays a crucial role in affecting the cost of making the key. everythingononeclick It takes a certain amount of time to decide how complex it is to duplicate the key. The more time it takes to duplicate the key, the higher the cost will go.
  3. Should you duplicate your key or replace it?: Sometimes, you want to just replace the key rather than opting for duplication of the key. Today’s cars have keyless entry and some have fobs that need programming. In some tough situations, it’s best to order a new key instead of duplicating it. A new key may be expensive but it’s the best choice. Duplicating a key is much cheaper. When you are locked out of your car, unable to get to school or office, that’s where the duplicated key comes in handy.


On the last note, if you have lost your car keys or you are willing to duplicate your car keys in the Phoenix area, Hire the best locksmith to get work done at the cheapest rates to save time. Our skilled locksmith will be 24×7 available to assist you with all your necessary requirements.