A locksmith’s service is crucial when you’re locked out of your home or car. You would go to any level to get a locksmith to help you access your home or car, but did you evaluate the locksmith first before calling him? Do you know if the locksmith you chose after searching ‘Locksmiths near to me’a. is genuine and has the experience and expertise to grant you access?

This is something many people do not do as they are desperate to get access to their home or car. They trust their locksmiths just by viewing their online presence, not by actually vetting them. Finding a trusted locksmith is no rocket science, you just need a little bit of patience and street smartness to find a trustworthy locksmith.

9 Things to do before finalizing a locksmith

1. Check their online presence –

Just having a website and a presence on Google isn’t enough; you have to check their social media handles too. Check their reviews, ratings, and engagement online. Do they post or comment regularly? If yes, what are they about? This may seem irrelevant but this will show how much people trust him.

2. Get recommendations from friends and family –

The old-school method of getting recommendations never fails. If you are locked out, it makes sense to call people who have faced this situation to help you. They’ll give you the right advice and guide you towards the right locksmith.

3. Ask relevant questions –

It doesn’t matter if you found the locksmith online or through a reference; ask whatever questions you have, even if you think it is irrelevant. You could ask him- how long he has been in this business, How to ensure this does not happen again, and what types of locks can be used to ensure you or your family isn’t locked out anytime soon.

4. Did he ask you relevant questions? –

The opposite is also true. A genuine locksmith will ask you questions about your car or home, he will ask you to present some evidence that the car or home is yours along with some identification. No locksmith worth his weight in salt would just pick the lock, take your money and leave; if they do so, they aren’t ethical locksmiths and they could have problems with the law.

5. Prefer locksmiths who provide multiple services –

You should zero down on a locksmith that provides all services needed. This could be gaining access to your car and house besides offering services that include installation and maintenance of smart lock systems. Besides this, he should have the skills needed to gain access to doors with electronic looks. This would be a boon in case you are locked out of your car having an electronic lock.

6. Trust your instincts –

When in a sticky situation, we generally call someone trustworthy to get us out of it. We deal with locksmiths only when we have to; unlike doctors, we do not usually get our locks checked up. Even if the locksmith seems to have the right credentials, do also listen to your instinct. If the locksmith does not give a trustworthy vibe, DO NOT deal with him.

7. Compare prices –

When selecting the right locksmith, ask for quotations from two or more places (This does not apply if you are in an emergency). Don’t naturally go with the one who quotes the least, what should matter is how genuine the service is and whether he is quoting a price that is in line with current market trends. Many a time, those who quote a price too good to be true are just that. They take advantage of the sticky situation you are in and quote additional hidden charges under false pretexts.

8. Note the price quoted –

Remember the price that the person who you called for locksmith services quoted. Sometimes, the price they quoted and what the locksmith says could differ. You shouldn’t allow them to cheat you.

9. Look for a 24×7 service provider –

Though most locksmiths work round the clock, some do not. When searching online or via references, ask whether the locksmith would work in the middle of the night. Those who work limited hours will not entertain requests to work anytime during the night.

Summing Up

No matter how urgent it is for you to hire a locksmith, you shouldn’t decide in haste. A little vetting and research will help you get an expected service against someone who’d try to rip you off in the first instance.