Senior citizens who live alone or are alone at home most of the time can be an easy target for thieves looking for an easy burglary. Due to their lack of mobility and tendency to be slow to respond, there can be many dangers to them and their belongings if proper home security is not there for them.

Considering their general aversion to technology, it makes sense to get the security solutions that they can understand and use easily. Here’s how to do this.

Simplify access- Carrying wads of keys around can be quite cumbersome, especially for the elders who have mobility issues. To make accessing the home easier and simpler, you could use the latest technology yet keep things simple for them to understand. For instance, you could use RFID card-based locks so that they can gain access just by flashing a card to the door. These types of smart locks come with an app that shows who gained entry and when. Besides, you could keep a spare key to the lock with you, in case the seniors in your care tend to lose the RFID cards. You can also get other doors of the house to open with the same RFID cards- the garage, the back door, windows, and other points of access. The same cards can be issued to their house staff and carers so that the seniors you are responsible for do not have to worry about opening the door time and again.

Keep watch on them regularly- Even though an RFID card-based security system could be a great solution for senior citizens who you are to care for, you will have to keep a tab on them. Drop in at their home regularly, and see who is coming in and out. Check whether their carers and staff are doing their job properly. If required, you could even install security cameras across the main areas and the outdoors of the house. You could install a video doorbell with two-way voice communication security smart locks so that they can know who has come to the door without having to physically come to open the door.

Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors- The smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors help in the event of a fire or a dangerous situation at home. Ensure that each of these detectors works, and replace them regularly after ten years. For best results, ensure these smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are regularly maintained at the home of the senior citizens you are responsible for.

Give them quick access to personal alarms

Those senior citizens who are extremely frail should be provided a personal alarm so that they can get whatever they need at all times. These alarms are also extremely important especially when they want to notify you in case an unfortunate event happens, like an accidental fall or if they are sick.

In conclusion

Though they might be averse to using the latest technology, you could care for your seniors by providing them with a security solution that is easy to use, implement and keep watch. Contact your Locksmith in Phoenix for a customized solution that will help you take care of the seniors you are responsible for and help you monitor their lives.