Locked out of office? Too bad a situation!

Nobody wants to get locked out of the office. It is not your problem though. The lock or the key is the culprit. When such situations arise, how do you go about unlocking the office door? You have to think fast. You cannot let your business and customers suffer by giving the excuse of a business lockout.

Are you locked out of the office? What are the possibilities?

Is it the misplaced key or the broken lock? There are numerous reasons why you may be facing a business lockout.

Possibility 1- Lost Key

You, the manager, or the supervisor may have lost the office key. You frantically search for it but you never get it when you need it the most. Isn’t it the same with any misplaced object? But keys are important. You cannot afford to sit back and search for it another day. But what if you don’t find the key to the office after searching for it in all the possible places? You have just lost the keys to your office, and the best way out of it would be to find alternate solutions.

Possibility 2- Broken & Stuck Key

Though a rarity, sometimes, your key breaks. It may break when you forcefully try turning it inside the lock. It may even break otherwise. If the key breaks outside, your lock is safe. But if it breaks while trying to unlock the door, you will be left with one part inside the lock and the rear end of the key in your hand. The first care in such situations is not forcefully trying to remove the stuck key from the lock.

Possibility 3- Malfunctioning Lock

Just as any other day, you insert the key into the office door lock to open it. But the lock does not budge. It simply refuses to open. You try to figure out the issue by rotating the knob or turning the latch but to no avail. You are left with a malfunctioning lock and a business lockout.

Now that we have noted down the possibilities of a business lockout, let us see the best business lockout solutions.

What Are The Best Business Lockout Solutions?

Whatever the reason for a business lockout, your focus is to get inside the office and keep your business going for the day. It is time to explore the best business lockout solutions.

Solution 1- Alternate Door

A simple and convenient business lockout solution is to find an alternate door to your office. Your office may have multiple entry or exit doors. If your office has such a provision, you are lucky! Not many establishments have multiple doors like your home. Another possible solution is to gain entry through a window. But if your office is located on a high rise, it is almost impossible to scale the building to reach the window.

You can try reaching out to the neighboring office to see a possibility of entering your office from there. You can even have a talk with the building security to find possible ways of entering your office. Even if you fail to find an alternate way in, there is the next business lockout solution- an alternate key.

Solution 2- Alternate Key

When you have misplaced the keys to the office, the simple best solution would be to seek an alternate key. You might have a spare at home. Any of your employees might have access to the office through an alternate key. Your office building manager may have a spare key. But all these are possibilities and not a solution always.

What if you are the sole owner of the key to your office? What if the property manager has a spare key but lives far away? What if you have changed the locks after getting ownership of the office? The property manager’s key is of no use even if he has one.

When a key is stuck in the lock, having an alternate key does not work. You need to retrieve the broken key from the lock without damaging the lock.

So, the possibility of an alternate key is negated. What next?

Solution 3- Locksmith Service

When you have run out of solutions, there is still the best business lockout solution left.

Call the locksmith service. A reliable locksmith offers commercial lockout services to help you gain entry to your office. They have the experience of working on complex situations and they easily manage to unlock the door without having to break it open. Whether it is a stuck key or a malfunctioning lock, a commercial locksmith service will repair or replace the broken keys and locks as fast as they possibly can.

So, the next time you are locked out of the office, you know that a commercial locksmith service is just one phone call away!