Are you shifting to a new house or renovating that you have? Wondering what to do with locks and keys and struggling to find answersRekeying vs Changing Locks? Check this article and find which option is better to improve security of your residential and commercial place-

What is rekeying a lock?

Rekeying a lock refers to changing keys with replacing the old lock. Here, functionality of locks will remain the same but inner functionalities would change a little bit. So, a new key will be prepared but, lock will remain as it is.

Technically, it is the process of removing existing springs and pings and replacing them with new ones so that it works seamlessly with new and old keys.

But, when should you go to rekeying a lock?

There are various reasons for rekeying a lock. Have a look and check if any reason assimilates with your circumstances-

  •         When you are fully satisfied with the lock system, but want to change keys because old keys are not working anymore.
  •         In case where you have shifted to a new house and don’t know who may have access now
  •         When you want to give a spare key to third party or any of your family member
  •         Especially in case of separation or divorce

The Pros and Cons of Rekeying a Lock


Increase security

Rekeying a lock is broadly concerned with improving the overall sense of security. It lets you nullify all old keys and reset key control to prevent previous homeowners, or anyone who might have a copy of key and can walk into the house as if they are still living there. That’s how rekeying a lock can seal gaps of security.

Quicker and Easier

If you have lost a key or forget where you have kept it, our professional locksmiths can quickly and easily rekey locks by using a key decoder, a spanner and a screw. If you decide to try on your own, it will consume more time. Additionally, it will require an original key to rekey the lock. Yes, in a few cases, it is possible to rekey locks without the original key but, this may incur more costs for you.

Cost Effective

When it comes to rekeying a lock, you just have to replace inner springs and pins in the lock cylinder. So, without breaking the bank, you can get your work done in comparison to prices charged for replacing the entire lock body. In case if you ask a locksmith to rekey your lock, you just have to pay for labor cost and nothing much.


Limited choices for security upgrades

One limitation of rekeying a lock is that it gives you limited choices for security upgrades. For instance, when you are changing keys and keeping locks, you are certainly missing the advancement in a security system.

What do you mean by changing locks?

As the name suggests, changing locks refers to changing the entire functionality of lock where a new lock and a new key will enhance your security standards. Here, you are replacing the entire lock body unlike rekeying.

When should you go for changing locks?

There are a few cases where you must go with changing locks to meet your urgent requirements. Have a look here-

  •         After a break-in when your locks get obsolete or damaged, you need to change entire lock body to improve your security
  •         When your locks get old, rusted and broken and components are too worn to be rekeyed
  •         When you want to bring advancement to your security standards like keyless or card swipe locks
  •         When you have locks of different brands and want to make all keys work on same locks, you can go for changing lock system

The Pros and Cons of Changing Locks


Easy to upgrade security locks

When you go for changing locks, you can definitely upgrade general security of your property. For instance, if you already have a G-2 deadbolt at your door front, then by rekeying, you can’t upgrade it to G-1. However, with the lock replacement, you can take advantage of selecting durable and stronger locks while changing locks of your house.

Offers a lot of customization

Installing new locks gives you an opportunity to select any contemporary locks and improve your security. For instance, you can install locks with longer screws, or install with an additional security pin or go keyless.


Labor Cost

Unlike rekeying locks where you just have to pay for labor cost, changing whole lock body comes with additional cost- the cost of the lockset you want. Now, this could be way more expensive compared to pins and springs. So, if you really have a large budget, then you can go with changing locks.

Rekeying vs Changing Locks : Which Is One Is Better?

Rekeying vs Changing Locks both are equally better options to select. You just need to evaluate your requirements and count your budget. Like, if you have a good budget and looking for an advanced lock system, changing locks would be ideal for you.

But, initially, if you don’t want to spend on locks and can get going with rekeying locks, rekeying would be your ideal option.

And, in case, if you still need some more help in deciding whether to go for rekeying or changing locks, get in touch with Desert Locksmith. We will understand your concern and suggest to you the best option to enhance your security significantly.

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