Most houses have many doors leading from the garage or porch to the living area at the front, back, and side. For security, all of those doors have locks. Some homeowners choose to have all of their locks keyed the same so that they can be opened with only one key. Taking that method has both advantages and disadvantages. If you want the same key for all your doors, then contact a professional locksmith company.


– Convenience

With keyed padlocks, you enjoy the simplicity of needing one key to open many locks. It can be inconvenient to carry a set of big keys for various locks. To find the proper key for the right lock, you’ll need to label each key on your keychain. There’s no need to lug around a bunch of keys or bother with large key rings if your locks are keyed alike. Instead, you’ll use just one key and avoid all of the headaches that come with having many keys.

Keyed alike padlocks are beneficial in both home and commercial settings because of their convenience. For .rekeying lock services in Phoenix, contact us.

– Just A Key

If you lose your keys, you’ll just need one replacement key with keyed padlocks. Someone who utilizes different-keyed locks, on the other hand, will spend more money on a key replacement if they lose their set of keys.

– Padlocks that are keyed same are simple to use

Because you don’t have to deal with many keys, keyed similar padlocks simplify key management and enable complete access, as long as you have the one key that works for all the locks. Furthermore, faults with keyed similar padlocks are easier to diagnose.

– Time-Saving

Keeping track of a large number of keys takes time. It can be time-consuming to go through all of the keys on your keychain to find a key for each lock. As a result, keyed alike padlocks are an excellent time-saving alternative.


Padlocks with the same key reduce access control.

You can manage who has access to certain places with access control. Keyed alike padlocks make controlling access to specific regions inside a facility impractical.

When it comes to padlock replacement, it’s pricey.You’ll have to replace or upgrade a lot of padlocks at once if you wish to replace or upgrade keyed alike padlocks. This can get expensive, especially if you have to buy a lot of keyed identical padlocks.

You’ll have to rekey many locks at once if you lose your keys and believe they’ve slipped into the wrong hands and have to pay more for locksmith services.

What Locks Can Be Keyed Alike

Euro lock cylinders, which are usually seen on your front and rear doors, are the most common request for locks to be keyed alike.

The following are examples of locks that can be modified and keyed alike:

  • – Locks with Euro cylinders (including Thumbturn and Double Euro)
  • – Mortice locks are a type of mortice lock that is
  • – Night Latches – 3 lever / 5 lever Sashlocks – 3 lever / 5 lever Deadlocks – 3 lever / 5
  • – lever Sashlocks – 3 lever / 5 lever Deadlocks – 3 lever / 5 lever Sashlocks – 3
  • – BS3621 approved locks
  • – Bathroom and bedroom locks are examples of house locks.
  • – Padlocks

It’s Not Always Possible

It’s not always possible to open all of the locks with a single key.
A locksmith may not be able to key all of the locks of a home in the same way. Unless you want to replace the locks with ones created by the same manufacturer, you may have no choice but to use different keys for each one if they are made by different brands or types.

Keyless entry locks eliminate the need for keys

Installing keyless access locks is another option you may not have considered. Keyless entry locks are most commonly used in businesses, but they can also be installed in houses. Instead of carrying one or more keys with you at all times, you might open your doors with a code, access card, or key fob.


There are benefits and drawbacks to keying all of the locks in your house the same way. The main benefit is that it can make life easier by eliminating the need to carry a key ring with numerous keys. The main disadvantage is that anyone with a key will have access to your entire home, and if a key is lost, all of the locks will need to be rekeyed.

For smart lock installation locksmith services, contact our experts. Keyed alike padlocks or differently keyed padlocks depends on your preference. You might feel safe and secure with differently keyed padlocks and convenient with keyed alike padlocks. The choice of locks for your property is completely yours.