How to get into a room without a door lock key? This could really be a frustrating experience when your keys aren’t working right or accidentally you left your keys on the wrong side of one.

But, remember one thing, instead of breaking doors or start fiddling with picking locks, take some time and follow these quick easy ways to unlock doors without damaging them.

Knowing how to unlock a door without a key is a little tricky but certainly, it can save you from any emergency circumstances.

But, why is it essential to learn these skills?

When you learn to unlock a door, you get prepared for various situations. It helps you to circumvent scenarios where you either lost keys or forget to take them with you. Here are things you can do to unlock a door without a key—

Credit Card

You won’t believe it but a credit card is one of the oldest and most used methods to unlock doors without causing any damage. All you need to do is insert a card between the door and strike plate and bend it back to force lock back into the door.

It needs to be done multiple times until you are successful to reach a latch in the right way. Keep changing the direction of a card and angle for unlocking the door.

Note that this works with spring locks and not deadbolts.

Using a knife

Using a knife may seem destructive but it can certainly help you with door unlocking. Simply take out butterknife and place its tip inside a flat keyhole. Keep sliding and turning the knife to get your work done.

The main game here is bypassing knives between door and door jam. And once you are there, attempt to get the bolt out of the unlocked position.

This is by no means a science and you have to keep sliding and turning the key to finally bring out the bolt.


A screwdriver is a manual or powered tool that works best with privacy handles or interior doors. You just need to simply push the screwdriver into the hole as far as you can to unlock the button on the door panel.

Try to twist and turn and keep doing the same to press screwdriver under the doorknob. Also, if you have a spring lock, a slotted screwdriver can help you here if you wedge it between the frame and bolt.

Bobby Pins

You can actually unlock doors with wire Bobby Pins. Take two bobby pins and bend into a specific shape to turn the lock cylinder. Bend it until it is perpendicular to two free ends.

Use a razor or knife to remove the rubber tip on the straight end of the bobby pin. Now, stick the flat end to about one centimeter and fold the remaining portion against the face of the doorknob.

Slide the bent end into the top half of the keyhole. Keep practicing one at a time until the door gets open and the cylinder is free to turn.

Bump Key

Bump key is a lock picking technique that will fit the lock you want to bump in. Take this key and fit it into the lock up to the last pin. Use a rubber mallet to hammer and turn the bump key. This may take a few attempts to get right especially in the case of cheaper locks which can get damage. Key Unlock can temporarily work with a bump key. You can give it a try once

Call professionals for Door Unlock Service

If somehow everything fails or you don’t find it convenient to operate, the best option is to call professionals. Locksmiths are always experts in creating, mending, and breaking locks for your office or residential place.

In fact, they have all required tools and machines to copy your key in the event when you lost the original one. Therefore, use referrals or search online to hire the best professionals for door unlock service.

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