A smart lock is a combination of the best of technology and convenience. With a smart lock, you do not need to worry about keeping your home keys safe, just remembering a code is enough. Some smart locks come with facilities where you can unlock doors with the help of a simple voice command, a fingerprint, or even an iris scan.

Getting a smart lock installation done is also super simple. Some can be easily installed yourself, while others need the services of a locksmith.

How do smart lock systems enhance security?

Smart locks are made for the entire home, not only for your front door. They replace all kinds of conventional locks and keys- you need not carry a whole bunch of keys for each door. A smart lock system centralizes your home’s security under one single platform. This means you could control access to each door via an app on your smartphone or through a unique code that could unlock any door you need access to.

Smart lock features to look out for

Connection via Bluetooth –

The smart lock’s Bluetooth feature allows it to recognize your smartphone and unlock the door as you approach. You need not carry any physical keys for this.

Remote management via mobile/web app –

Sophisticated smart locks allow you to manage access to each door at home. This is possible via a mobile app or a web app on your smartphone or desktop.

Real-time monitoring via Wi-Fi –

Many smart locks come with Wi-Fi connectivity which records who came and went home at what time. This is a great feature for parents to ensure they are home safely from school or what kind of job the cleaning lady has done.

Multiple keyless entry points –

Smart locks eliminate the need for physical keys. You could gain access to your home via a smart code, a fingerprint, or your smartphone. This makes it very convenient to access your home. Even if you are locked out, only in rare cases would you need to Google ‘Locksmith near me’ as there are many other ways you can gain access to your home.
Permanent/Temporary entry codes- Many smart lock models help you to create permanent and temporary access codes. You could give exclusive permanent codes to your family members and temporary ones to your visiting guests or anyone visiting you for some work.

Limitations for accessh –

You could give permanent entry codes to your domestic help and other household staff, for access to specific rooms between specific times. With such a feature, you do not need to worry about your precious belongings.

Auto-lock settings –

Many of these smart locks come with auto-lock settings where the door gets automatically locked after you have arrived or left for a certain time. With this, you shouldn’t worry about your home’s security when you have left in a hurry.

Automated auto-lock when out of hom –

Similar to the point above, your home will get auto-locked after you have moved away from the vicinity of your home. Also known as geofencing, this feature leaves you worry-free when leaving home for any reason.

Access alerts to your smartphone –

Smart locks notify you whenever someone forcefully tries to enter (or forcefully enters) your home. In the case this happens, you would get a notification on the smart lock’s mobile app.

Third-party integration with household smart devices –

Some smart locks come bundled with a smart doorbell and other home accessories. Others come with features where you can integrate a third device into the smart lock system. Doing so can help to add a layer of security to your home.

Summing It Up

A smart lock is designed to ensure you can live, work and play peacefully without worrying about the safety of your home, belongings, and family. These locks aren’t that expensive either, they come with various features that can cater to your tailored needs. Contact a locksmith near you who’ll help you choose the right smart lock system for your home.