It is always advisable to get your car checked if you find something fishy. As it is said, a repair in time saves you from more expenses later on. If your car takes longer than usual to start, or if there are some strange noises or overheating at the ignition, this is a sign to get your car checked.

Many people tend to ignore their car problems, especially when they’re in a hurry to get to work. When the car stops working, they panic and call the dealership or a neighborhood garage owner to fix things up. In most cases, these people end up spending through their noses as they are in a hurry to get out of this sticky situation and the garage owner/dealership slyly takes advantage of this.

Many times, the issue is with the car’s ignition. If this is the case, you don’t necessarily need to go to the dealership or neighborhood garage, an emergency locksmith could offer a more efficient solution.

4 Signs of a broken car ignition system

Status of the switch– Most car ignition systems have three statuses- On, Off, and Start. On the ‘On’ ignition status, the lights on the dashboard turn on but the engine is still off. When you ‘Start’ the car, the engine should rev up normally. If the lights do not start on the ‘On’ status, this could be a signal that the ignition is not working properly.

Car starting problems– This is a little tricky when it comes to knowing what has gone wrong. The ignition commences the internal combustion that makes the car start. If the car fails to start, many people assume it is the car battery part or any other car part’s problem, but the reality could be very different. It could be due to a dead battery or a bad switch.

Overheating– If the car switch is unusually hot, this could be an ominous sign that the car’s ignition isn’t working properly. One reason for this could be the breakdown of the electrical system. The cables in the ignition can overheat, which can melt the insulation base. This could be a dangerous situation. The best solution here is to call an emergency locksmith.

Car’s age– With time, older car models could see some wear and tear which could damage the ignition and hamper the internal combustion. If you can’t hear the ‘click’ when the car starts, there could be an issue with the car’s ignition.

In such cases, it is much easier and cheaper to call a locksmith than to call your dealership. The locksmith would be able to solve the issue much more quickly with minimal cost while the dealership may actually replace the locks even though a fix could solve the problem.

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