While many people leap right to security cameras or other high-tech solutions, it is actually easy to focus on the basics first. When it comes to the fundamentals of home or business security, nothing is more basic than ensuring that your doors close behind you. We propose investing in automatic door closers if you want to eliminate human mistakes from the equation. Contact us for the best door hardware services.

What Are Door Closers?

Door closers, as the name implies, are mechanical devices that guarantee a door closes once it has been opened. Most building rules require businesses to place door closers on their fire doors to ensure that they remain closed, but many firms also use them on other doors throughout their buildings. We recommend installing door closers on all exterior doors to protect against potential intruders. We’ve found that they’re also useful for doors in high-traffic areas, as most of these devices prevent doors from slamming or being opened too forcefully, both of which can result in injuries.


The security of a facility is the first reason we discuss why door closer adjustments are important. It may appear surprising at first to believe that a door closing could affect the building’s security. Isn’t all it does to make sure the door closes when it’s meant to? Isn’t it true that the locking mechanism, not the door closing hardware, provides security?

The lock is only effective when the door is shut and secured. Only if the door is in good functioning order can this happen. When someone walks through the opening, the door closer settings must be correct so that the door closes and latches properly. When the door closer is finished working, adjust the latch speed so that the latch is secure in the strike mechanism fitted.

ADA Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act is another crucial factor to consider when making door closer changes (ADA). Persons with impairments or other constraints will be able to operate the door as a result of this. A door closer should be adjusted so that it does not need to be pushed open and walked through by a bodybuilder. The force required to open the door should not exceed 5 pounds of resistance from the closure.

As the door advances along with the swing of the door, this includes the main speed and power of the closing spring. These aspects of the door closer can be controlled through changes on the closer. This criterion may be superseded by fire ratings or the location of exterior doors.

Life Safety

Adjusting door closers for life safety criteria such as fire ratings is the final essential consideration we will discuss today. A fire-rated door must also be self-closing and self-latching. Even though there is a positive latching piece of hardware on the door, if the door closer does not close the door properly, the latch will not perform its intended purpose.

In the event of a fire, the door must be closed to prevent the fire from spreading and to allow residents to safely evacuate the building. All of the door closers along the egress path must keep the doors closed to prevent fire, smoke, or other threats from obstructing the path.

Furthermore, in the event of an active shooter, all doors that are supposed to be locked and secured must be functioning properly. In such situations, a closed and guarded opening can save lives.

Final Thoughts

Make sure that each door closer in a building is appropriately adjusted. Before we finish installing the door, we double-check that they’re working properly. It has the potential to significantly increase the opening’s performance and safety.

If you’re not sure if your door closers are functioning properly, you may schedule a troubleshooting session with us. If you need a new door closer, we can give you a free estimate.