Your car is one asset you cannot do without. It is also one that is highly vulnerable to theft. This is the main reason why people install car alarms.

Installing a car alarm assures you that no one will try to steal your car or break into it to steal anything of value.

If you don’t have one, not only is your car vulnerable to theft, it is also vulnerable to those trying to unsuccessfully break into it.

What’s more, you have to then find a car locksmith service near you to get it repaired.

Despite its drawbacks, a car alarm is a must in all cars. Here’s why

Theft prevention –

The mere presence of a car alarm deters most thieves. Even if they try to break in, the loud alarm alerts nearby people to check their own cars. No burglar would want to get caught red-handed.

Immobilization features –

For those thieves who aren’t deterred by loud car alarms, some alarms come with immobilization features to stop theft. The old method thieves’ use of hot wiring is rendered useless with this feature. Even if they break into the car, the immobilization features prevent the car from starting, especially those cars which are commonly found on the ‘most stolen’ lists.

Protects your belongings –

Even if the thief cannot steal your car, there are many belongings that they might be interested in- car stereo, GPS unit, money, or your other belongings. A car alarm deters thieves from attempting to break into your car for such items.

Tracking abilities –

Some car alarms come with built-in trackers which show you their location wherever you are. Even if the thief gets away with the car, he won’t get far as you would always know the location of your car.

Remote start options –

Some car alarms also come with remote start options. This can be crucial when your car doesn’t seem to start, especially during the winter. You could warm up the car before sleeping and it would start just the way it should. This would be a lifesaver in the event your car doesn’t start and a locksmith service isn’t near.

Lower insurance costs

Your car insurance premiums will reduce when you have a car alarm installed. It isn’t necessary to have a factory-installed alarm, aftermarket car alarms come loaded with features as mentioned above that protect your car against any kind of theft. After all, replacing a car isn’t cheap.

Increases the car resale value

A car alarm can help you get a better price when you want to buy a new car. Other cosmetic changes like repainting or replacing parts may not matter that much. A car alarm loaded with features is what attracts potential buyers.

Car alarm app

Many new-age car alarms come with a mobile app. This not only helps you locate wherever the car is but also comes with other useful features like a remote locking system, remote start, and so on.

Wrap Up

Though some might say these alarm systems are expensive, it is better to be safe than sorry. Investing about $100 today can be a better proposition than paying for damages worth $500 or even replacing a car for thousands of dollars.

With car thefts increasing, it makes sense to have a car alarm to protect your investments. Do ensure you buy a car alarm from the right source- you should be able to call someone in case you are locked out or if you have to disable the car alarm in any circumstances.

At Desert Locksmith, we have a car alarm system that you can opt for 100% security of your car. In case you have to disable it, we are always on call in the Phoenix, Arizona region.