Your home’s security is just as good as the locks on the hinges. You can feel the need to change your locks over time or as a result of security circumstances to protect your safety and privacy. There are many options to do this, so if you’re thinking of changing the house’s door locks, keep reading.

If you investigate your choices, you can discover that changing locks on your new home isn’t what you require. A basic lock repair can be all that is needed to fix your stuck bathroom lock. Perhaps what you need to do is rekey a lock to solve your security issues. Ensure that you are choosing the right locks for your needs by using a service that ensures it is correctly assembled and running.

Know the difference: Rekeying and Replacing

Changing locks on a door may be accomplished by either replacing or rekeying them. Both strategies mean the old keys can no longer be used to unlock the lock.


The most detailed method of ensuring stability entails removing the original lock from the door and replacing it with a completely new lock.


This is now the most popular method of replacing the locks on a door in apartment complexes. Rekeying entails realigning the pins and springs in the inner workings of the lock to fit it into a new key.


You’ve just bought a new home, which represents a significant financial commitment as well as an investment in your future. You don’t want to skimp on securing your new home, but you still don’t want to spend more money than necessary. The cost of changing locks is determined by a few simple factors, including the lock changing process, the cost of hardware, labor to build the lock, and the number of new locks for the house.
If you need skilled assistance with a new home lock upgrade, visit the full guide to locksmith rates for information on such extra costs. The price of the locks can vary greatly depending on the materials and technologies used in the lock. The general rule is that the greater the expense, the greater the defense.

New Keys

You’ll need a different set of keys if you’re rekeying or changing locks on a new home. Most modern locks and rekeying packages have two factory cut keys, which is often insufficient for all primary occupants to have a key and a replacement. Any new homeowners believe that the fewer keys they have, the better.

Aside from having replacement keys made after a new home lock upgrade, there are a few other times where you may need new keys. If you want to refurbish old interior locks but did not receive a working key from the former resident, you should have a locksmith make a new key from the lock. Be mindful that any copied key loses information and a copy of a copy of a copy might not open the lock.

Buy Locks

The right locks for a new house must be ideally matched to the building’s architecture, door construction, security requirements, and the homeowner’s desired everyday usage. We’ve already spoken about the typical costs for new locks, so keep those in mind when considering how many locks to put on a door. Think of all perimeter doors that would be keyed alike, requiring only one key to access the building.

High-Security Locks

Purchasing high-security locks can easily increase the expense of changing locks on a new home. With an estimated price almost 20 times that of a normal Home Depot lock, many new homeowners understandably wonder, “Are high-security locks worth it?” High-security locks are unquestionably more robust than standard low-cost locks, but they are not necessarily the best investment.

Installing Locks

If your lock installation is not completed properly, you can end up jeopardizing the protection of your new locks for your house. Removing and reinstalling screws is a common error. Previous owners may have modified locks several times, and the predrilled holes no longer provide enough material for the new screw to bite through.

Upgrading Doors

A new home lock does not fix any weakness that your doors could face. And if you are changing locks on your new home, it might be a smart idea to update the doors. Check for sturdy cores of all external doors. Since it is made of wood and/or metal, a solid core door is heavier than an ordinary interior door.

Change the locks when your keys have been lost or stolen.

If your house keys are ever lost, one of the first things you can do is change the locks on your doors so that no one else will gain entry to your home. In this case, rekeying is the preferred option, much as it would be if a family member misplaced or otherwise lost possession of a key. The only time you’d need to change the whole lock is if the lock’s only key goes missing.

Purchasing a new home is an enjoyable and beautiful event that can be celebrated. So, congrats on completing the chore of changing the locks on a new building. With these factors in mind, you have the greatest chance of achieving this process in a way that gives you security and peace of mind. For any locksmith needs do contact Desert Locksmith.