Who better to ask for the key to your home’s security than a locksmith? There is no one better to counsel you with their experience constructing and repairing locks, as well as their knowledge of home security. As a result, we’ve created a collection of locksmith tips and techniques for you today. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned pro, it never hurts to refresh your memory and remind yourself of vital security precautions. You never know you could learn something out of it.

Our mobile experts like assisting local drivers and property owners in finding methods to improve their security, and we want to do the same for you. Here are some entertaining pointers and tactics to help you attain your goals.

Change your basic locks

It is simple to select the minimal standard locks available at your local large box retail store. Most modern-day thieves have an array of equipment that allows them to effortlessly defeat standard locks. If you truly want to be safe against a house invasion, you should change your locks to high-security versions. You may also want to take extra measures, such as installing smart doorbells or outdoor security cameras to dissuade burglars and identify those who try to get into your home.

New House – New Lock

When you acquire a new home, always rekey or replace your locks. The former owner may have had duplicate keys, or they may have provided spare keys to neighbors, family members, acquaintances, or even contractors. If you do not want strangers to be able to enter your home, you must either change your locks or rekey your locks.


Install a deadbolt lock for increased home security, but be sure it is properly fitted. Many contractors do not know how to properly install locks, so hire a locksmith for the best results

Hiding Spots

Hiding a spare key in the mailbox, underneath the welcome mat, or a rock in a neighboring flowerbed may appear to be a clever idea. Every criminal in the world, however, is aware of these apparent hiding places. It’s a good idea to keep a few spare keys on hand, but give them to a trustworthy partner, friend, or family member on whom you can rely in an emergency.

Window’s Placement

If your deadbolt lock is near a window, keep in mind that a thief might easily smash the window and open the deadbolt. To prevent making this simple error, use a double cylinder lock that requires a key instead. And don’t leave the key in the lock!


Use robust, heavy-duty doors made of solid wood or steel. If the door is built of a weak, fragile, or hollow material, it can be kicked in or shattered easily. An excellent lock necessitates a superb door.

Call a Mobile Locksmith for Transponder Key

Many drivers believe that the only method to fix a failed transponder key or a broken ignition is to take their car to a local mechanic’s shop or dealership. While this was true many decades ago, technological improvements have equipped current mobile locksmiths with the tools and specialized equipment required to replace and program your key fobs, repair a damaged ignition, or install new locks on-site. This means we will come to you and deliver quick, efficient, and cost-effective automotive services so you can get back behind the wheel.

Find a Locksmith

So you want to employ a locksmith to assist you to safeguard your new home? So, congratulations! But wait a minute; don’t rush into choosing a new locksmith because they aren’t all the same. Some are merely con artists who will charge you significantly more than they quoted for subpar service.

Find a dependable, skilled, and trustworthy locksmith by conducting thorough research and then selecting the finest. Simply put, while looking for a new locksmith, don’t contact the first name that comes up in the yellow pages.

I hope you find these locksmith tips and techniques useful. Share them with any new homeowners you know, as well as your friends and family. Avail for advance locksmith services from Desert Locksmith.